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Let's Do This!

I am an affluence coach, an energy specialist, a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, and an athlete, among other things.

These are the parts of my life that bring me the joy that comes from living my purpose.

Are you living your purpose?

You can be! And I can help.

Your Guide to Purpose, Fulfillment, Wealth and Happiness

Success is determined by what matters most to you as an individual. Everyone’s definition of success is different, as it should be, but what all successful people have in common, no matter their version of success, is the ability to turn dreams into reality.

They are persistent, they are go-getters, they don’t ask for permission, and they certainly don’t let their inhibitions, internal blocks and self-doubt get the best of them (and yes they do have them!).

I Believe Fulfillment Comes from Living Your Purpose. And  Success Comes from Committing to Your Vision.

I used to be the definition of self-sabotage. I was smart and capable, but lived far below my potential. I was a consumer rather than a creator.

I lived a worldly life, resembling a feature story in Cosmopolitan. I travelled, lived in wonderful cities, hung with celebrities and rich men. I even spent a summer as a cave diver and guide in the Yucatan.

But I also struggled with my inner demons, substance abuse, and an eating disorder.

My inner blocks were holding me back. It wasn’t until I took a hard look at myself and realized that it was ME and my own issues that were stopping me from living the life I wanted.

I had all the tools for success, as do you! I just couldn’t get out of my own way. I was stuck.

It was at this important life moment that I decided to go back to school and commit to my vision. At that time, my vision was simply finishing school.

I spent my academic career researching the rippling effect of generational trauma among Filipino Americans and went on to get my PHD in this field. Writing a dissertation is a huge part of any PHD program and I struggled to complete it. I needed some help. My paralyzing writer’s block humbled me to put aside skepticism and try an energy session with a dear friend.

When the writer’s block and many other issues cleared in one session, I felt eager to learn more. It has helped me overcome depression and made me much happier and more successful. My new understanding shifted my doctoral work, improved my family life and invigorated my business. I got certified in energy work as a SimplyHealed practitioner in 2009.

I have dedicated my life to energy work because I know just how amazing it is. It helped turn my life around and it has helped my clients make tremendous breakthroughs in their own lives. I really love seeing how much positive change occurs with the people I work with.

Are You Ready to Realize Your Dreams?

But energy work is not enough to realize your peak potential, unless you are able to follow up the energy healing with inspired action and new patterns of the thinking.

That’s why I’ve designed my signature 5 levels of Affluence Process, so that clients are reaching their highest potential.

If you want to experience the power of energy work and mindset coaching in getting unstuck and mainfesting your vision then please visit My Program Page.

Let’s get you on track and on purpose.

Lots of Love,

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D