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How To Outgrow The Mental “Red Lights” To An Incredible Life, Follow The ‘GPS’ Of Your Heart, And Effortlessly Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

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Hi Love!

I’d like to share a “disclaimer from the heart” with you. From the depths of my heart to yours.

Here it is: Over the next few minutes, I am going to reveal the three secrets of what it really takes to manifest your most inspired life. And spending those few minutes learning them might just be the most significant time investment you ever make.

Here’s why: Those three secrets were not learned from books, seminars, or one-on-ones. Instead, they are experiential, borne of going through some deep, vulnerable places within myself, taking risks, and undergoing tough “initiations” as my life’s manifesting blueprint slowly unfolded.

And once it unfolded with clarity, and I had a firm enough grasp of it to apply it for myself and teach others to do the same, the results have been consistent… and nothing short of extraordinary.

I am talking about manifesting what I call the ‘A-Life’; a whole new world of possibilities with money, love, relationships, spiritual growth and even better, an incredible on-going journey of discovering personal capabilities once thought to not even exist. This is self-discovery and Self-Love manifestation on steroids! And all seemingly at warp-speed!


“It’s Like Walking Into An ‘Alternate Reality’
Only Much More Enjoyable!”


One of my dearest business associates, Armaan Shiraz, explains it perfectly: “It’s like walking into a new matrix, an alternate reality that is SO much more inspiring, loving and supportive.”

Why am I sharing this? Because every single person on this beautiful living spaceship we call Earth deserves to know: It is my vision that every person has fair access to this.

This is more than just about manifesting more money, more love, more health and affluence (though those are “automatic” by-products of this lifestyle, the A-Life). So much of our survival as a species might in-fact be pegged on this: That expanded consciousness will the future currency of a more evolved Humankind, a future free of wars, conflicts and scarcity-borne collective decisions.

A future that is Heart-based, and made more ‘certain’ when you and everyone this message touches learn just how incredible life can get when you let go of your Mind, and follow the Way of The Heart instead.


My Story At A Glance


What I am about to share with you is something I would have dearly loved for someone to share with me years ago, while I was in my twenties and in some pretty dark spaces in my life.

Yes, I was making great money as a stripper, yet even with the very sizeable cash I carried home with me, I held on to my story of “poverty” (and not just in the financial sense).

The very sight of the money I’d make every night would accompany with it the soul-eating emotional furies that ate away at my self-confidence and my self-respect. I kept living in fear of a ‘tomorrow’ where I’d potentially lose my streak of luck with physical safety, emotional security and financial capability.

It took some big leaps with my beloved boyfriend, AJ, and a visceral, vulnerable surrender to the Divine, to let go of that life-style.


“Different Masks, Same Struggles”


I decided to let go of my old life, and embark on the “more respectable” pursuit of a PhD. And you know what I learned? Even as I put on the mask of “PhD earner”, I realized that there was no substitute for the power of the Heart as the ONLY ‘Healing Agent’ of my limitations.

In a moment of brutal self-honesty, I looked back on my life and realized that despite the vast contrast between those two career choices, I was still struggling.

I was still struggling because there was still a common denominator that kept making my stomach turn every time I looked in the mirror: “I am not enough.”

It was only when I had enough of “I am not enough” (and all its other permutations), and decided that I wanted to meet Tera – the REAL Tera, without her masks – that my life just exploded in positive new directions, beyond my wildest dreams!


“A Life Empowered By Affluence And Possibilities”


Years later, and here I am: A lover to an adoring man, a mother to amazing go-getter children, a coach to incredible students of manifesting who join the paradise that’s Costa Rica in our life-changing retreats: And it keeps getting better, because – thanks to the secrets you are about to learn – I keep growing as Tera, unfolding in the self-discovery of who I am.

I am not saying all these to impress you, but to impress upon you just how wonderful it is that our paths have crossed, and how thrilled I am that I went through those “tough initiations” so you don’t have to!

But more than that, I want to impress upon you that a whole world of possibilities awaits you when you let go, surrender, and learn how to follow the infallible ‘GPS’ of your Heart.

So, here are the three secrets:


Secret #1: Affirmations Are The HARDER Way To Manifestation!


Do they work? They should in principle. But let’s be honest with ourselves here:  How many times do we have to repeat them to ourselves for new neural pathways to form in the brain until what we are affirming becomes a part of our identity – in effect, our FREQUENCY?

Experience has shown (for decades now, long before ‘The Secret’ even existed) that they typically take a very long time to work, if they work at all, and it is only through singular monk-like commitment to repeating them daily that we can hope to generate the promised results.

What compounds this further is this simple reality: You can’t argue with your Current Truth. Your current self-identity; your MIND. Yes, your Mind is a pseudo-self; it is your ego. You’ve mistaken it as your real self. Yet it’s so compelling, because it’s held together by the “glue” of your past experiences, emotions and traumas that felt very “real” at the time!

And your Mind will cleverly ward off the changes you intend to make with affirmations, because “change” to the Mind entails its deconstruction; it means its death.

Why is this realization so important? Because bypassing your Mind; your make-believe “Current Truth” is so important because the limiting beliefs, past traumas, counter-intentions – or what I call Counter-Frequencies – that hold it together effectively serve as a “red light” to whatever you are affirming to yourself.

It’s like your psychic immune system against the “external intruder”! Yes, you can eventually force the Mind to acclimate to the new-comer. But this can take a long, arduous journey of commitment with very hit-and-miss outcomes.

There is a better way; an easier way. This is the way of “Energy Activation”. But more on that in a moment.

For now, we need to go to…


Secret #2: Facing The Mind To Expose Its Falsehood


If you take nothing else from this letter, please – please – take this one: Until you expose the “fear” that fuels the Mind’s grip over your life as effectively nothing but “False Evidence Appearing Real”; until you expose the Mind itself as the LIE you thought was the real you, you will not be able to bypass it and come back into your Heart, where your REAL, authentic, core self resides without any of the Mind’s masks.

This means facing your fears, honouring that you once needed them to protect you from perceived dangers, and still following through with doing what those fears “begged” you not to do anyway!

Over time, you will come to appreciate your fears as useful sign-posts that effectively say: “Growth ahead.” You will outgrow looking at them as stop-signs!

In practical terms, what does this mean? Those big leaps you’ve been putting off making, those projects you’ve been procrastinating on starting, that relationship with a certain someone you’ve been putting off manifesting so as not to feel “exposed and needy”… Those might just what you need to commit to so that you could expose and face the fears that have been holding you back from manifesting your greatest Life!

And this leads to…


Secret #3: Letting Go Of ‘Control’, And
Surrendering To The Divine Guidance Of Your Heart!


Notice that in the second secret, I did not say: “Commit to the outcome of the things you’ve been putting off.”

I am simply asking you to do them, regardless of the outcome. Why? Because the outcome is not nearly as important as the growth that takes place as you commit yourself 100%, with your heart fully open, to doing the things you’ve set-out to do.

Yes, they might fail… as projects. You on the other hand haven’t failed! Instead, you’ve given yourself the gift of facing your fears, neutralizing the roots that your fears stem from, and cranking up your vibrational frequency through the roof!

Those projects might not manifest as successes, but they could be doorways to other, better successes that can manifest in your life from completely unexpected sources!

As that happens, you begin to develop a deep, healthy trust with the Flow of Life. And this is in my experience the most incredible take-away in my life from implementing these three secrets: The outgrowing of Control.


The Importance Of Mentorship


Now please hear me out when I say, I would not recommend that you take this journey alone. Why? Because letting go of the things that affect your current vibrational frequency: Your past self-identities, can be deep, vulnerable work.

It takes courage, and the loving, unconditional support of a mentor skilled with energy work, to active the changes within you by clearing your internal blockages that inevitably get in the way.

Think of your ‘Self’ this way: Imagine that you are a garden, and that you’ve planted within yourself the seeds of new possibilities for attracting more money, more health and more love.

These seeds, with continued love and care (From you’re your self and with the support of a mentor and like-minded company) will germinate and grow into a cornucopia of color and vibrancy!

But without being vigilant, the weeds are bound to come back.

The “weeds” I am talking about in this allegory are your limitations, your self-doubts, your past identities that are still in the process of being outgrown.

Why? Because the brain’s neural pathways take time to atrophy as you process your energetic changes and step into taking BIG LEAPS under the guidance of your Heart.

Until they fully atrophy and allow for new, more supportive ones (aligned with your Heart’s infallible guidance) to be formed, the weeds will “regrow” back, and adversely affect your frequency.

Which is why…


Investing In My Year-Long Transformative “A-Life Self-Study”
Might Be The Investment That Will Prove
A Complete Game-Changer For You!


This program is for those who wish to afford the benefits of my more intensive ‘personally guided’ program, but at a fraction of the cost and learned at their own pace.

For a whole year, every single month, you will receive three clearing calls that energetically raise your frequency and remove blockages as you are taught to pro-actively step up into the Flow of Life and face your triggers in a big way!

You will be mentored by my very capable, empathetic program faculty members in our Facebook support group, and made to feel right at home as you raise your frequency with other A-Lifers!

You will also gain a whole year of free membership to my Freedom Collective program, where you will receive a 2-hour LIVE ‘Energy Clearing’ every single month.

By the end of the year, you’ll have shifted your personal vibrational frequency in a fundamentally deep way.

The neural pathways that “fed the old you” will have completely atrophied, and in their place, ones supportive of a New You, a You guided by the clear voice of your heart, will have formed.

Everything changes when you are in that space. Your outer reality will reflect your innerscape, and you will come to have an experiential grasp of what it this statement means: “I am the conscious creator of my reality, from the inside-out.”

This is a principle etched in stone, and it is fail-proof. But making it “fail-proof” rests entirely upon you and your commitment, your dedication to making this principle, this law, work for you as you make your journey to You 2.0


It Takes ‘You 2.0’ To Lead The ‘A-Life’:


This is about manifesting a life profoundly empowered by new possibilities with money, love, health and contribution… from the inside out!

The exact secrets in the self-study program and the very same “Clearing Calls” you will receive are built upon what I teach in my one-on-one year-long coaching programs and retreats that cost upwards of $15,000!

But right now, while I am not inundated with new enrollments, you can still receive all the benefits at your own pace, for a once-off price of just $1,997!


Join it for a whole $1000 slashed off the regular price,
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And as a fast action-taker bonus, when you invest in this special program today, I’ll serve you with two bonuses that powerfully support the core curriculum:

Bonus 1: Like I mentioned earlier, you will gain FREE access to the Freedom Collective program for a whole year (a $1,200 value!) where you will receive a 2-hour LIVE energy clearing every single month. This allows you to move forward past blockages that can seem ‘impossible’ to tackle on your own. Think of it like an injection of “Spiritual Capital” into your life, raising your vibrational frequency with every clearing as you accelerate the benefits of the core program in your life!

Bonus 2: I’ve also included a self-study guide called Attract Your Ideal Client Bootcamp where you will learn how to build your own list and attract your ideal client; the same techniques I’ve used to manifest 6 figures in 7 short months, starting with just under $2,600 to my name.

This bonus alone is worth $3000, and what you’ll learn here might just be the “career break” you’ve been looking for!

It has changed my own financial destiny, and I invite you to explore how it is going to impact yours, too, as my way of lovingly saying “Thank You For Investing In Your Self”.

But let’s momentarily not talk about the course, and get back to YOU for the few more minutes we have left to spend together.


A Destiny-Deciding Fork On The Road


Right now, there are two roads in this fork ahead of you. You could trust your gut as it tells you “Do something extraordinary for yourself for a change!”, make that courageous leap, and make one of the most destiny-altering investments you’ll ever make in yourself by joining this program.

Or… you could pass this offer by and leave this page, and you know what? I will continue to see and love you as extraordinary, powerful, a unique energetic “treasure-trove” of amazing, unique gifts in the Universe.  

But I’d hate for those gifts to remain buried, when both you and all of humankind could stand to benefit SO much from them… and in the process, you also bring about incredible changes “at warp speed” to your finances, relationships, personal vitality and beyond.

So I implore to make the first decision: Make the decision to trust your gut on this one.


A Parting Perspective From Direct Experience


Take this from a PhD graduate. For a fraction of what you’d normally pay for a University degree (only to “wait in line” for years with other graduates while life slowly unfolds), you’ll be making an investment into something infinitely more important than a degree: Your Life!

And with results that can be enjoyed orders of magnitude faster!

It is my hope that this perspective has touched you, and has given you an inkling of just what’s at stake with the enormous potential and the cornucopia of possibilities, just waiting for you to channel them through your Heart into manifesting into concrete reality, right this very second as you are reading these parting words.

Click on the link below and make that investment in your self.

I will wait for you on the other side, waiting to lovingly put my gifts at your New Life’s service!

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