I spent years as a compulsive overeater and overspender.

10 Reasons to Live on PurposeIt’s curious.

When I started to really plug into my purpose, those “isms” just slipped away.

I don’t eat mindlessly to fill that gaping hole inside me. I don’t go to Nordstrom to dull that craving for something more.

Instead, I dine on spoonfuls of grace and confidence that comes from walking through the fire.

Purpose gives you access to more gratitude, joy, and peace.

So I thought I’d share with you today 10 Reasons to Live on Purpose:


1.) Say Goodbye to Mindless Eating

When you are living on purpose, you are not mindlessly grazing in the fridge. You fill satiated and satisfied. You are FULL.  You eat out of LOVE for yourself and your body. When you nourish your soul’s purpose, you desire to nourish your body.

2.) Saves Money

Living on purpose saves you money in the long run. Yes, you may need to commit to your vision.

And commitment could mean invest in mentorship and/ or energy work to get you fully aligned with your vision. But it costs less in therapy bills. And it costs less in medical bills and over-the-counter and prescription drugs when we are living out of alignment with your truth. You spend less when you fill satisfied and are more focused on creating than consuming.

3.) Establishes a Family Pattern of Success

You are able to LEAD your family. You show by example. You are not the parent who offers saccharine words to your child, “You can do anything you want to do in life.”

Those are just words.

You are paving the way of what it possible for your children. You are establishing a legacy. Can you imagine what is possible for your posterity when you break your own self-imposed and family-imposed barriers?

4.) Improves Sexual Intimacy

You create a fantastic love life. Living on purpose makes you sexy and alluring. It spices up your love life.

You don’t need to be a pin-up poster to be sexually desirable. When you are fully plugged into your truth, you are radiant, beautiful, and on fire.

5.) Become Ideal Weight

When you are living on purpose, your body easily adjusts to your ideal weight. Of course, you need to eat the foods that nourish you. And thou need to move and honor your body. But when you are living on purpose, it feels more effortless.

You are free of the other mental chatter that is holding you back and you are able to take charge of your health.

6.) Environmentally Green

Living on purpose is environmentally green. You tend to consume less. You are more focused on contributing and creating rather than consuming and consumption. You are living more in harmony with the earth.

7.) Co-creating with God

When you are living on purpose, you are in league with your CREATOR. You align your will (at least in this area) with Divine Will. You feel great because you are doing what you signed up to do before you came to earth. You are accessing the higher vibration of love.

8.) Increase Financial Prosperity

When you are living on purpose, you increase your income, exponentially. You open yourself up to financial abundance. Really.

You tap into your ability to increase prosperity. There are, of course, people who CHOOSE to live with humble means.

But when you are truly living all that you are meant to do (and not letting yourself be held back by fears and limiting beliefs), you live abundantly.

9.) More Happy Moments

When you are living on purpose, you are HAPPY. You count more happy moments in your life. You feel confident. You feel joy.

10.) Leadership in the Home

When you are living on purpose, you feel organized. The leadership of your soul’s purpose starts to carry over into the other areas of your life. You realize it only takes 10 minutes to clean the bathroom chore, or to make time for a weekly family council.

So, what are you waiting for? 

We only have this moment. Each moment we choose Love or Fear.


Our excuses above are driven by fear. When we subscribe to our excuses, we pay homage to the author of FEAR.


Commit to your vision. And even in the thick of it, stay committed. And know that the reward is inevitable.


Isn’t it time to UPLEVEL your commitment?