Sometimes people ask me:

5 Secrets to SuccessWhat are the secrets to success?
They see that I catapulted from a business newbie to a successful entrepreneur on track to hitting the yearly six-figure mark in rapid time.

My secret to success: energy work and a rockstar business strategy.

Here are my 5 Secrets to Success:

  1. Clear the resistance through energy work
  2. Commit to your vision
  3. Create an energetic pattern through Simply Healed to manifest your desired results quickly and accelerate your progress
  4. Get a mentor who has what you want
  5. Implement a proven business strategy.

Are you like many entrepreneurs struggling because of limiting beliefs and emotional blocks keeping you stuck? Are you mired in financial struggle? Or not feeling like you are enough? Or do you allow your beliefs about your lack of money keep you from playing big in your business?

This past year alone, I invested over $20,000 in mentorship and marketing to learn how to position myself in the field.

Before I ever even started my business, I sat down and wrote my vision for my business. Truthfully, my dream was more modest. I simply wanted to be booked solid, making $60K a year (a starting professor’s salary), doing 10 sessions a week.

Thankfully, we can upgrade our vision as we step into our power.

I am passionate about this message because I would not be where I am today serving clients I adore and typically closing $12,000-$14,000 sales a month, if I did not step up and commit to my vision.

I took a leap. And matched that leap with inspired action. And that made all the difference.

And many of you are energy workers, so you understand how to clear your blocks. But are you still struggling to get a consistent flow of clients? Does hitting the six figure mark seem doable this year? If not, you may be missing the right business model. Once you learn the formula, it seems almost easy.

Next post, I will share with you the tactical steps to 6-figure success.

Hint: it’s all about building a list, which is what I teach in my group coaching program Attract Your Ideal Client Bootcamp, which starts August 6th.