Write down your Daily Focus and Aim.
5 Tips to Shift Your Income TodayIt is an indisputable fact. If you accompany a burning desire with persistence and action, you will manifest your success. Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich interviewed the most successful men and women of his age. They all shared this common denominator. Manifesting our desires is not wishful thinking. Thoughts become things. It is up to you to carve out the time and focus to create.

Successful people who manifest wealth and success are 3% of the population. The only difference between them and the 97% is that the successful share a burning desire and persistent focus.

Who do you want to be? Don’t complain about what is not happening in your life. Focus on your heart’s desire. Take inspired action everyday. Here are 5 tips to shift your income today.

Delete any talk about lack and scarcity.
Your thoughts and words are especially powerful, especially when you fuel your thoughts with feelings. You cannot afford to talk about lack. Honestly! You cannot afford it. Where ever we put our thoughts and feelings, it magnifies and manifests in our life.

If we spend time talking about how tough the economy is, guess what? We are going to experience a tough economy. The Universe is infinitely loving and merciful. God loves us. He also follows universal laws because he is a God of Order. If you continue to harbor the belief that the economy is going through a tough time, the Universe obliges you and obeys your command.

Re-frame your Present Reality in a Positive Light.
If you must talk about your experience, you don’t need to lie. But you must be intentional by ending on a positive note. For instance, if you are caught in the middle of a storm, do you believe there is no sun? The sun is shining above you, brilliantly. But you cannot see the sun right now. You do not doubt the sun’s existence. You are simply experiencing the storm and know that it will pass.

If people ask you, “How’s business?” Do you want to call attention to your lack of clients this week? Instead, say “Business is going great. I’m a little disappointed because a couple prospective clients have not called me back. But I am learning from this experience as I clear space for my ideal client.” Or don’t discuss it at all.

Or declare with confidence: “My business is getting better and better each day.” You are not lying. Universal abundance is shining brilliantly. Your experience is just a little clouded right now. When the storm breaks, you access abundance.

Last night, my children spoke of all the things they were grateful for, including what they wanted to create. (It’s a great activity while driving in the car). My son expressed his gratitude for the snow.There wasn’t a cloud in the sky (and no snow), but I encouraged them to practice manifesting.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we have snow? No attachment. Well, this morning, we woke up with a beautiful snowfall. I just wasn’t expecting it so soon. I’m grateful for my children’s faith and how God supports us as we practice co-creating with Him.They did not doubt whether snow could manifest. They simply expressed a desire, accompanied with faith.

Write down all the miracles in your life.
If what you pay attention to grows, pay attention to your miracles. A powerful practice is to keep a daily gratitude list. Write down five daily miracles and watch the miracles accumulate.

Cease the Jealousy.
If you are envious of another’s success, you subscribe to a belief in scarcity. That means you do not trust that your Creator has wonderful miracles awaiting you. If I feel envy, I don’t judge myself. The envy signals my inner desire. But I also know to release the envy block through energy healing and prayer.
Expect the Miracle.
If you have:

  • Written down your Daily Focus and Aim
  • Read it morning and night
  • Prayed to know with certainty that your request is aligned with God’s will,

Then, expect the miracle.

Ask and You Will Receive.
It is quite simple really.

Plug in Your Desire Through Energy Healing Work
There are numerous modalities, such as EFT and Simply HealedTM, to help us accelerate our progress in creating our dreams. We have so many tools out there to help us create the life of our dreams.

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