Your experience of prosperity is directly related to your commitment to your vision. 

Are You Committed to Prosperity?If you are feeling financial struggle, you lack clarity on your vision.

I know that sounds harsh. But once we let that sink in, we are in a position to shift.

Too often, we blame what is showing up in our life on outside circumstances. It’s a tough economy. This community just isn’t open-minded to my services. It’s hard to get enough clients. Or whatever…

But when we own this affirmation: “I am the creator of my own life,” we take responsibility for what is presenting in our life. We are armed with the power to change it.

The first step to create prosperity is to become crystal clear about what you want to create.

Have you written down a vision statement?

Napoleon Hill calls it your “Daily Focus and Aim.” Only 3% of the population actually follow this principle: possess a burning desire and take persistent action to manifest that desire. This same 3% of the population own the world’s wealth and experience material success.

I know that sounds harsh to the people who want to demonize the rich. But the only thing that separates you from the 3% is whether you are applying the principles of prosperity.

Write down in present tense what you want to create in your life. Include the feelings that would accompany that experience. Employ your imagination to create your desire.

It is not enough to simply say you want a fancy car or a big house. Your desire must resonate with your soul’s true purpose.

Read your vision statement everyday. Read it in the morning. Read it before you retire to bed. Take inspired action to move you toward your vision.

But I will let you in on a little secret. I don’t read my vision statement everyday. I do energy work to ensure I am energetically aligned with my vision statement. I find it more effective because I remove any blocks standing between me and the life I want to create–on a daily basis. Focused energy work accelerates one’s progress and collapses what might take many years into a short period of time.

With my Diamond VIP clients, for instance, I help them stay aligned with their vision through weekly energy work. Most often, people are not connected to what they say they want in life. That is why they do not see results.

But if you don’t have access to that kind of energetic support to create quantum shifts, you can still persist by daily reading of your vision statement. Before you fall asleep, imagine what your ideal life is like.

Your willingness to invest in yourself and in your vision reveals your commitment to prosperity.

Your commitment to your vision.

This week, for some reason, I have spoken to a series of prospective clients who are in transition, in the middle of a job search, or in the muck of financial chaos. They have money blocks. They know it. I know it. That is why they called me.

But when it comes to committing to their vision, they stop short.

Their answer: I don’t have the money.

My heart aches for them because I know that if they committed to themselves they could be stepping into their vision. Minus the money blocks, they could have clarity and purpose, confidence, joy, and living in the flow of abundance.

Money flows to those who are committed to their vision.

So if your heart tells you to do something, go for it. The universe will help you make it happen– if you are committed. Money (or lack) should never be the reason you don’t do something. Or you are only buying into scarcity.

You need to do something radical to shift into prosperity.

Just Do It!

Believe. Leap. Create. Achieve.