Here’s a loving nudge from me: Are you hiding behind your spirituality?
Do you say to yourself–when God or the Universe delivers the money to me, I will take the next step?

I understand that thinking. I was terrified to be a mother. I was afraid of screwing up. I didn’t want to perpetuate the emotional abuse in my family.

I was obsessed with staying thin. I dreaded ruining my body from pregnancy (vain, but true).

It took me several years to commit to my vision of being a mother. In fact, it took an act of God. My 30-year-old brother died in a bicycling accident
while training for the Ironman. I missed him terribly. In that year of intense longing and loss, my husband and I committed to having a child.

A little over a year after Jared’s death, on his birthday, my daughter was born. She was a sweet miracle, reminding me of God’s love. I felt my brother’s presence during her birth.

I didn’t say, “Well, if God drops a child on my doorstep, I will be a mother.” I took action.

I followed that action with faith. And frankly, many fears were realized. Pregnancy was exciting, but also nauseating. My body seemed almost monstrous, doing its own thing. Veins popping out. Mammoth breasts.

Delivering a baby was painful. And when I lose my temper with my kids, I feel despair because I haven’t yet broken this familial pattern. I am still learning.

So what does my foray into motherhood have to do with your business success?
It has everything with commitment to your vision. I lacked commitment because I was terrified. And it was so easy to hide behind the excuses. Quite rational excuses: not enough money or not the right time (I was in a graduate school), not good enough or feeing worthy for motherhood, or fear of failure.

Do you hide behind your spiritual beliefs? Do you say, when the time is right, God will give me the money I need to take the next step?

Do you brush up against OVERWHELM and fall back?

Do you rationalize:
I just don’t get a good feeling about this. My intuition says, it’s just not the right time?

Yet you declare: you want to create more income. you want more clients.

But are you willing to stretch yourself to get what you want?

Ironically, that kind of “spiritual thinking” shows a lack of faith. It is akin to the unbelievers in the scriptures who said, “Give me a sign. Then, I will know for sure that God exists.”

Faith followed by action is the shortcut to abundance.
Birthing a child is a metaphor for birthing a wildly successful business. Of course, there are labor pains. If I waited until all the stars aligned perfectly, I would be missing out on my amazing family and the joys (and yes, the trials) of motherhood.

Often, we let our fears rule our decisions. And we are so steeped in the fear, we cannot recognize our fear for what it is.

Of course, you feel overwhelmed. It’s scary to step into your power. There are so many roadblocks on the way to creating a successful thriving business.

That’s why I have designed Attract Your Ideal Client Bootcamp.

You will receive the coaching, the accountability, and support to attract your ideal clients and create steady income. But unlike other programs where you will feel badly if you fail, one more time, because you cannot measure up, I am going to handle your money blocks, feelings of unworthiness, fears of failure and fears of success.

Together, we will release the resistance that stands between you and getting what you want.

So if your vision is to be in a wildly different place in 6 months, than you are today:
To have a list of ideal clients who crave to work with you.

To end the struggle to get clients.

To double or even triple your income in your business.

To create a healthy business that balances with your family time.

Then, let’s chat. Click here to schedule some time with me. We are in the final few weeks before the program starts. And I am committed to NOT leave you here in the same stuck place 6 months from now, just because your fears were louder than your faith. Let’s quiet those fears, if you know it is time to push through.