Are you shutting down from receiving abundance? My family’s recent turtle miracle reminded me:  how we often turn away from financial opportunities the Universe benevolently delivers to us.
Last month, my 9-year-old noticed a deep rift in the ground. A turtle determinedly shuffled the earth back and forth.

Assuming our dog Roxy dug the hole, Jalen placed the turtle a couple feet over and buried the hole.

Curious, she researched turtles on the Internet. To her surprise, she found a video of an Eastern box turtle laying eggs. She ran upstairs excitedly to announce her discovery: Mom, there’s a turtle laying eggs in our yard!

We observed the turtle making the same back and forth motions with its hind claws. Indeed, the turtle was digging a hole. Jalen corrected her mistake by uncovering the hole and putting the turtle back in its original place.

It was marvelous to see the turtle drop 3 perfectly shaped eggs in the hole. Thirty minutes later, the eggs were completely covered. We were thrilled to have witnessed the miracle of nesting turtles.

We were so excited that one month later, another turtle graced us with the miracle of nesting in our backyard.

What do nesting turtles have to do with financial prosperity?
If the Universe delivers financial opportunities, are you open to receiving them?
Your belief that there is not enough money shuts you down to receiving abundance.

Where in your life do you shut down instead of recognizing the financial opportunity before you? Where in your life do you remove yourself from receiving abundance?

Are you like my daughter, failing to recognize the marvelous birth about to happen in your own backyard? Are you going to bury this potential boon before it ever manifests?

Are you the one insisting on lack? See, there are no turtles laying eggs in our yard. It just doesn’t happen for me.

Yet the turtle was there. You did not allow it to nest.

If you have been watching these postings and know you need a quantum shift in your business, this message is for you:

You crave to share your message with the world. You dream about financial freedom and consistent income for your family. Being fully booked with ideal clients is a distant dream.

But you shut down when it comes to the money piece.

For some of you, you may not even notice you are shutting down. You have a message to share with the world. Your work is critical to you (because you are living your purpose) and to those who need you.

But you will be in the same position (struggling to get clients or build consistent income) 6 months from now, unless you take action.

Recognize the nesting turtle when you see it.

Click for your solution if you know I am talking to you.

Leave a comment below on the proverbial nesting turtles in your own life.

How do you recognize an opportunity when you see it? How do you discern between resistance and fear and your inner guidance/ intuition?