Are your charging what you are worth?

Charging What You’re WorthI remember when I first raised my prices. I held my breath after I made the offer. My heart leapt out of my chest.

Last month, I shared 3 steps to adjust your pricing to charge your worth. Today I share another tip on the energetics of pricing.

Your willingness to pay for a product or service, similiar to what you offer, affects your vibration around money.

For instance, if you are a coach or a healer, you will not resonate with $5000 a month if you would never be willing to pay that amount yourself. If you made the offer, your body and heart might scream: Fraud. Who do you think you are?

Your vibration would be incongruent. And your potential client senses it. You lose the sale.

How many times have you turned down opportunities to get a mentor or coach because you couldn’t afford it? What is your experience with your sales conversation? Does it mirror your encounters or beliefs about money?

One way to shift is to actually invest in a coach or a program to move you forward.

Your willingness to invest in yourself says to the universe:

I am worth it.

You raise your financial thermostat. You tap into the vibration so you can (with integrity) charge the same amount you are paying for a coach or program. Of course, you must feel confident to deliver phenomenal results.

Your willingness to charge what you are worth influences your feelings of self-worth. For instance, if you are financially thriving and you possess the time and resources for self-care, you are able to show up fully present. In contrast, how does it feel to be stressed about paying the bills or making the mortgage? How do you interact with your clients under invisible duress?

For those of you who raised your prices, how did it feel during and after the process? If you are afraid or feel blocked about raising prices, what needs to happen so you can step into a higher vibration around money? Let’s start on a conversation on the energetics of pricing for our services. Please share your thoughts below.