In an interview with Darius Barazandeh, Dr. Alex Loyd, Ph.D., N.D. who discovered the Success Codes, offers a startling outlook on the self-help industry. According to Dr. Loyd, only 3% of participants in the self-help industry are truly successful. He calls it the “dirty secret” in self-improvement circuit that is only talked about behind closed doors.

There are three components to success:

  1. Locating and purging the viruses in your internal software. In other words, all the goal-setting and personal will in the world will not bring you the success you desire if it is in opposition to your subconscious programming. For instance, you press on, trying to create a life of success, but if your underlying belief is “I am not worthy of success,” you will constantly fall short of your dream.
  2. Updating your internal software through new programming. Energy work is a quick way to set up a new energetic pattern, but writing affirmations and reading them daily could eventually plug in new and powerful beliefs, just through sheer persistence.
  3. Creating an inspired plan of success and acting on that plan. Dr. Loyd points out that most of the self-help industry is focused on this latter step.

A winning formula requires all three components of success, unless of course, you don’t have any viruses that thwart your progress.

Stay tuned for my next post on how to identify potential viruses.