Confession of an Energy Healer

Confession of an Energy HealerAs an energy healer and SimplyHealed practitioner, I do energy healing on my family and me everyday to maintain optimal energy. But I was encountering a challenge. I possess the passion and energy of fire. When I lashed out in anger (and act like the mother I swore I’d never be), I’d sink into guilt about my worth as a mother and a human.

Why after reading countless parenting books, could I act out like this?

This issue seemed bigger than me, and I tried clearing it myself, as well as kneeling in prayer. But it felt like using a dirty rag to wash my windows. A little relief, but no real change.

Simply Healed practitioner and friend Kristine Farley worked on me and my children the other day, and it was amazing to experience the results. She identified a generational pattern on my Filipino side, perhaps there was a group of women in my family line who had been shunned. The babaylans, from an ancient priestess-healer tradition in the Philippines, flashed into my mind. I don’t claim to have a babaylan lineage. When the Spanish colonized the Philippines in the 16th century and imposed Christianity, they destroyed indigenous spiritual practices. The babaylans retreated to the mountains to protect their ways. The babaylan beckons to me, and I realized in this session that I just didn’t identify with her as a healer, but with her  pathos of loneliness, cut off from whom she loves.

I never shared with Kristine about my great-great grandmother Gregoria, who was shunned by her family after the U.S. Health Inspector falsely diagnosed her as having leprosy. After several months in Manila hospital, she returned to stay with family, but her daughter-in-law kept her away from the grandchildren. Gregoria lived and ate alone in the basement. The rest of the family were afraid of catching leprosy. The stigma never left Gregoria, and she took her own life. In my life, loyalty in love and friendship has always been fiercely important to me. I assumed my overpowering need was just an offshoot from my parents’ bitter divorce. But after our energy work, I released this toxic heaviness that has defined how I interacted with the people I love.

After the energy healing session, I experienced one of those golden moments of motherhood. My children were sitting at the dinner table and sharing stories about their day at school. Time slowed into a perfect stillness, and I watched as each joyful frame entered my heart. The energetic cobwebs that had cluttered our mother-child relationship had been expertly tugged away. Only the radiant light of unfettered love remained. Later, when my children tested me, I responded with patience and firmness: I hear you; I see you; I honor you, as I pressed into the comfort of the present. Days passed, and we are still enjoying a shift in our family.

I am grateful for the gift of energy work. I marvel at how long we carry around energetic clutter when it is so easy to release it. As an energy worker, I think that I should know better, that I should have sought help sooner. But I release that judgement and stay with gratitude: I am here on earth to learn, to grow, and to help others on this miraculous journey.

Have you ever felt the burden of a generational memory in your family? How has energy work or Simply HealedTM helped you in your life? Share your comments below.