Energy Work and ProsperityWhat is the Secret to Creating Prosperity?

This week, my family and I are visiting family in Southern California.
I am attending my mastermind retreat with my mentor Shanda Sumpter and an amazing group of heart-centered, women entrepreneurs.

To me, prosperity is being able to fly my 3 children to California and visit extended family whenever we feel like it.

I love working with my clients and participating in their transformations. I am creating the life I dream about for me and my family.

There is a secret to creating prosperity. Do you possess this quality?

I observe my clients, colleagues, and mentors: the successful ones all possess similar attributes.

One attribute they all possess is the willingness to take a leap, even when they are so afraid. They walk through the fear.

Every time I walk through my fear, I remind myself, there is a great reward on the other side. When life gets a little challenging, my commitment gets even stronger.

I feel excited because I KNOW that success is on the other side.

I know this to be true because I have evidence.

But instead of hearing from me, I asked Jasmine Quintana, my Amethyst VIP client, to describe her experience with energy work. She is an amazing dancer, and it is exciting to see her pursue and realize her dreams.

How does energy work facilitate your ability to create success and prosperity?

When I started working with Tera as an Amethyst client, I was working as a waitress, barely making enough to cover my bills.  After taxes in 2012, I made a little over $12,000, NOT enough for any person to live comfortably in this country.

I struggled with relationships, with money, with my family; I struggled with figuring out who I really wanted to be.  My true passion was always dance, but to that point, it was only a hobby.

Before I started with Tera, I was really hesitant about signing up.  I knew it was something I needed but I was worried to death about how to pay for it. However, she put my mind at ease when she reminded me that all-in-all this was an investment in myself.  I took the leap and I haven’t looked back since!

How would you describe your first session with Tera?

From our first private session, I knew we were onto something.  She moved so much energy that when I stood up after our call, I nearly fell over!  The ends of my arms and legs were tingling.  That feeling remained for almost a half hour afterward.


What kind of results have you experienced?

From then on, we’ve been moving mountains.  Within just 1 month of working with Tera, I was able to quit my waitressing job.  Dance has become my full-time career, providing for me in more ways than I ever imagined.

Now, 5 months into the Amethyst Program, I went from barely making $400 per week with waitressing and dance to making between $600-700 per week only dancing.

I finally opened my heart to the man who has been my best friend for 9 years.  I even got the ball rolling on a documentary that I’ve been putting off since college.  And while my sessions with Tera have created lasting success in a variety of areas in my life, I never feel like a client in yet another session.  We laugh and cry together, share personal experiences and it makes the “work” feel like I’m talking to a friend.

What advice do you have to share with our community?

I really wanted to share 2 little pieces of advice to all those considering working with Tera:

(1) If you’re feeling resistance about a decision, dig a little deeper to see where it’s coming from.  In my case, my initial fear about paying for Tera’s Amethyst program was really just scratching the surface.  Ultimately, it was my fear of stepping out of my comfort zone toward the life of my dreams.  She has helped me move past that and inspired me with plans to get my dance career and my documentary rolling.  I’m watching things unfold that I never would have thought possible.

(2) There are infinite ways to make things happen.

You just have to take that leap of faith and commit to that leap.

One of my favorite quotes really says it all:

“Leap, and the net will appear.” – John Burroughs.

One thing Tera works with me on is taking bold leaps to create my vision.  When something is right for me, my net appears.  It appeared when I needed Tera’s help, and it will appear for you too.

So have faith and take the leap!

Thank you Tera for all your help!  I really don’t know where I’d be without you. Obrigada and blessings to you all!

Thanks, Jasmine, for sharing with us!

Jasmine Quintana is traveling to Brazil in January to start filming a documentary about Brazilian dance and to volunteer with a program called Escola Didá.

Didá works with women of mixed and African descent in Salvador de Bahia, teaching them trade skills in dance, costume making, percussion and other areas in order to keep them out of the drug and sex tourism industries.

Jasmine is currently raising funds for that program.

If you feel inspired to support her campaign to empower Brazilian women leave the drug and sex industry, here is the link below on Fundrazr.

When we lift ourselves up, we naturally want to reach out and help others.