If you had everything you wanted in your life today, how would you feel? Worthy? A Success? Validated? 

Feeling Your Way to SuccessUsually, someone answers, “I would feel worthy. I would feel validated. I would feel like I did something with my life. I would feel fulfilled. I would know that I was a success.”

I remember thinking, if I just earned my college degree, I would feel worth it. I wanted to obliterate the shame from mistakes in my past. That somehow, another degree would mean that I was a success.
A few degrees later, I discovered that my feeling worthy had nothing to do with credentials or earnings.

However, it is crucial to get clarity on these feelings so you can manifest what you desire.

Here’s a tenet of Success 101 and The Law of Attraction:

The truth is, your willingness to feel these feelings of worthiness, abundance, or success right now will accelerate your ability to manifest your desires.

When you think about it, you may not be able to conjure up one million dollars in the bank today. But no one is stopping you from feeling like you own a million dollars. Your ability to feel prosperous, worthy, loved, and respected is completely accessible.

Feel and Be a Success.

For example, I have worked with many clients who are in the middle of a job search. Being laid off and the uncertainty of unemployment can affect one’s self-esteem. Together, we release the negative energetic residue of past resentments, doubts, and fears. The client re-connects to her confidence and amazingness.

It was not surprising when a recent client attracted multiple job opportunitites. When you radiate positivity and confidence, people are attracted to that energy.

I am a success.

Carolyn Cooper’s Simply Healed method combined with my Visioning-Your-Success method is so powerful in accelerating life transformations. I cut to the root of a problem and excise the energetic weed like a prudent gardener.

Confession: in real life, I am not good at gardening. I am too impatient! But that impatience motivated me to develop a shortcut to accelerating one’s path to prosperity. I am humbled to facilitate this transformation in others.

If you could completely release your blocks that are holding you back, what would your life and your experience of prosperity be like today?

So here’s the question for today: if you could have what you really wanted today, how would you feel?

Leave a comment below and let’s go deep in the conversation to facilitate a shift.