You apply the Law of Attraction, but the numbers aren’t adding up.

You plaster affirmations all over the wall.

  • You meditate
  • You design inspiring vision boards for your life and business.
  • You clearly defined your intention and goals for your life.
  • You invested in yourself.
  • You may have started working with a coach or mentor.
  • You work diligently to clear your money blocks.
  • And yet:

You haven’t received that stream of clients you are looking for.

Your credit cards statements are piling up.

The low bank account balance or frequent overdrafts stare at you reproachfully. That old feeling of not enough paralyzes you, once again.

How do you stay feeling hopeful when your numbers speak otherwise?

How do you stay conscious and anchor your thoughts to financial abundance when the numbers contradict your vision?

I have learned how to play the prosperity game.

You understand the Law of Attraction

Here are 3 Simple Tips to Shift to Prosperity When Facing Money Woes:

1. Lean into the Fear

The numbers are only numbers. The numbers reflect the choices you made in the past. But you are not your numbers.

You can choose to stay in fear, shame, and paralysis. But know that the heightened sensation will only generate more money chaos in your life.

Or you can choose to look at your finances differently. What counts are the choices you make today?

What can you do today to shift to prosperity? What scares you the most?

Lean into the fear.

If you are afraid of looking at your credit card balance, say a prayer. Recognize that your thoughts elicit the negative feeling.

Ask for support. And look at the balance.

The fear of the unknown causes more harm than an honest assessment of today’s reality.

If you need to make a phone call to a creditor, make the call. When you face your fear, you stand in integrity.

You are a success.

Your debt has nothing to do with your worthiness as a human being.

I knew a man with hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. His past was blighted with reckless behavior. But he could stand with integrity as a prosperous entrepreneur.

His prosperity was not linked to the amount of money in his bank account. His prosperity was tied to his mindset. He was living in integrity with his purpose and was making different choices today.

When you make a step toward your vision, you are shifting to prosperity.


2. Make a Daily Gratitude List

Gratitude is a powerful tool to shifting to a prosperity mindset. Even if you are facing money challenges, you have plenty to be grateful for.

Pay attention to all the abundance around you. Make a gratitude list everyday.

The propensity to spend and go into debt is fueled by a belief in scarcity. But by observing all the blessing in your life, you open up a space for you to receive more prosperity.


3. Stay Committed to Your Vision

Be thankful

for the money woes. Your commitment to your vision is being tested. The depth of your money troubles could indicate the potential of your success. Instead of succumbing to the fear, shift to excitement. It means something really great is around the corner if you will only press forward.

Let’s say you have $60,000 in debt. Is it $60,000 of shame. Or is it a $60,000 lesson. Consider your money mistake: Debt 401, a graduate level course in learning how to spend less than you earn.

We don’t attach shame to spending money on education. And I have spent thousands on an education.

The key is to learn from the mistake and move forward.

Look at your current situation with a longview of your life. How will you talk about this situation 5 years from now? 20 years from now? In the eternities?

You can practice a technique Kyle Cease dubbed the Kylego. It works better if you have a friend to share it with.

What do you want to create in your life? What is your vision?

Now jump ahead 1 month after you actually attained your vision.

Start a conversation with your friend. Describe how you achieved your vision as if it has actually already happened. Discuss as if for as long as you can. Start talking for about 5 minutes. Your friend can participate by asking questions. Extend to 15 minutes. Kevin advises to do this for an hour.

Watch your mind start to shift as you invoke your creativity. You step into the powerful role of creator.

Kyle Cease shared how just by practicing this technique he got the gig he auditioned for, despite all odds otherwise.

Practice this exercise and share your results below.