What is the one action you need to take to create a quantum leap in your business?
I asked myself a similar question about my family and home. I was realizing success in my business by taking consistent action.

But my household was not so orderly. Misplaced legos, books, dolls, and hairbrushes left a trail around my house.

Children quibbling in the morning.Or as mom, yelling at one child, discerning about fashion and accessories, that we are LATE for school.  Or engaging in a word-battle with my six-year-old about the definition of a clean room.

Taking the time to LEAD my family and create a schedule of responsibilities would help everyone know what they needed to do to run a peaceful home.
But I resisted it.

For two years.

Here’s what I learned: No structure. No results.

What ACTION do you need to take to access short-term cash flow?

It’s what Marketing expert James Roche calls picking “the lowest hanging fruit.”

You know, the ripe fruit that is most accessible.

So I created a list of responsibilities for each child. The family responsibilities. And their financial stewardship. One child was responsible to buy her own socks, winter hat and gloves, and shoes, as well as birthday party gifts, fun money, and tithing. She was thrilled when she learned how much abundance she could access if she fulfilled her contribution to the household.

It is only the first week. But we are enjoying a quantum shift:  Clean rooms. Dishes washed. Books organized. Siblings getting along. And no talking or nagging on my part.
Why had I waited so long?

Notice the resistance you feel to taking action.

So what do you need to do to create a quantum shift
To generate more revenue in your business today? this week?

You know the answer.

So focus and do it.

Your prosperity is waiting on the other side. It is inevitable when you take the leap.