How do you know how to identify blocks so you can release them?

The first time I attended a networking event as a new business owner, I dreaded it. I never liked giving out my business cards. I felt cheesy like a salesperson  hawking a used car. Here, you go. Buy from me!–was the underlying message. Self-promotion was vain–marked my underlying belief. And I felt like a fraud saying I was an business owner.

Yet each time, I encountered a roadblock between me and stepping into my power, I noticed where I felt stuck and released the block.

I have come along way since my first day networking.

To notice where you have blocks, pay attention to your feelings. If, for instance, you feel a twinge of envy at another’s success, that feeling indicates there is a block to be cleared. If you feel triggered about paying taxes, for example, that feeling indicates there are blocks about not having enough. Our body and emotions are great indicators of what we need to work on.

Observe your bodily reactions. Does your stomach tighten, just at the thought of making a phone call? Does your heart pound before you speak in front of a group? Do you feel awash in fear when you consider starting a new venture or program? Your body supports you in telling you what you need to progress.

Know that the block you are feeling is standing between you and the life you dream about. Too often, we come up against the block and stop.

That is why you are still feeling stuck.

Notice how you feel and your accompanying thoughts. If you think, “I’d like to do this. I need this, but I don’t have the money.” Note that it is just a belief you have. When you are committed, you create the money.

When you leap, the universe listens.

Your block and your  accompanying feelings signal to you that you are onto something BIG. Your GREATNESS lies on the other side of the block.

Don’t stop before your personal miracle unfolds.

So stay tuned. I can hardly wait to tell you about my free video training to teach you how to move past your blocks!

How do you identify your blocks and move past them? Let’s start a conversation below.