It feels like ages since I’ve been back home in Maryland.

How to Shift to a Prosperity Mindset to Break Thru 6 FiguresThe past week, I reveled in the company of like-minded entrepreneurs at two masterminds in San Diego, California. Spending time with mentors and my peers inspires me.

My family with me, we traveled to Southern California to visit family. While I worked, my children stayed with my parents, an hour north in San Clemente.

In between my mastermind retreats, we played at the beach with their cousins. I am grateful for the opportunity to integrate my family life with my work.

I learned so much over the past week, and I wanted to share a few thoughts with you.

During the week, many colleagues came up to me to get energy tested.

If you and I were to hang out together, I could energy test you for your financial thermostat.

Are you aligned energetically with what you say you want? What amount of money are you actually comfortable with?

You may be like many people…. You are energetically out-of-alignment with the amount of monthly income you want to create.

You may be energetically repelling clients who need to work with you. You may be repelling opportunities. You may be repelling the love of your life.

But you don’t need an energy test to know if you have a prosperity mindset. Your prosperity vibration hinges on your thoughts and feelings.

If you want more prosperity, it is not the actual money that is coming into your bank account. It is your mindset.

You know your financial thermostat is aligned with what you want to create when you feel

CERTAINTY that you will manifest your desire.

CERTAINTY is like faith followed by commitment to do the work.
Certainty isn’t just wishing or manifesting your desires. You are confident.

You feel completely certain that if you follow your plan, you will get results.

Certainty does not mean that you will not make mistakes or even brush up against failure. But it does mean that you are committed to your result and doing what it takes to see your desire manifested into reality.

I talk to hundreds of entrepreneurs, including millionaires and multimillionaires. And I can gauge their level of success by how they think.

The successful ones all possess CERTAINTY.

Fortunately, you can tweak your prosperity mindset by choosing your thoughts. Certainty is free to all.

If you don’t possess the CERTAINTY you can break past multiple six figures over the next two years, let’s talk and see what lies in your energy field that is holding you back.

Staying in the same holding pattern–whether you want to meet the love of your life or break past multiple six figures–is a choice. And you can choose differently by shifting your energy.