It is not often enough that we honor and affirm how amazing we are. We spend so much time flirting with negative mind chatter. Yet it diminishes the light within us.

How to Identify Blocks Keeping You StuckIt wasn’t so long ago that I hid behind my fears. I was stone-cold afraid of moving forward in life.

Did you know that I was a college drop-out? Yeah, I showed promise in high school, but straight A’s plummeted when I starting self-medicating with substances and alcohol.  I spent my teens and twenties fighting a raging eating disorder.

My self-loathing was nearly annihilating. The scars on my wrist remind me of that painful history. I feel grateful for the miracles in my  life today.

When I finally returned to school at the age of 28,  newly sober, my goal was to complete a semester without dropping out. Each semester, I continued to press on, until I finally graduated. And every step of the way, completing my BA in English lit, graduating with my MA in English lit, and finally completing my PhD from a R1 university, was a milestone because I waged war with the self-sabotaging demons, just to inch forward.

I know what it is like to struggle with depression and anxiety. I know intimately what it means to be paralyzed with fear about taking the next step.

Since my own recovery, I spent most of my adulthood trying to persuade the loved ones in my life that change is possible. Our past need not define us.

It can be quite easy to release the blocks that are holding us back. But everyone is on his or her own path. And we all are not comfortable at a higher vibration.

My mission is to inspire you to align your life with your inner dreams.

More purpose. More passion. More Prosperity.
This tool will help you determine what blocks are lingering in your subconscious. More importantly, you now have within your possession a tool to clear the block.

There’s a bonus tip on how to raise your financial thermostat.

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