Once upon a time, I was the Queen of Self-sabotage. Finishing school (BA, MA, PhD) was a critical milestone in my life because each degree signified overcoming the deep grooves of self-defeating behavior. Yes, my idyllic Mormon childhood was destroyed when my parents divorced. And yes, I used my pain and story of my parents’ breakup as an excuse for not showing up. But at 28, after seeking recovery from addiction, I returned to school. Before this turning point, I would attend school and earn straight As, only to drop out when one class or life proved difficult. But even in my 30s, I still encountered the lingering residue of shame, fear, victimhood, and low self-worth.

The dissertation process evoked my core fears, and at times, I faced writer’s block. But the paralysis led me to energy work, first EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and later Carolyn Cooper’s Simply HealedTM Method. After one Simply HealedTM session, I could write again. It felt effortless. Even prior to the dissertation defense, when I felt so bone-afraid that words failed me, I used energy work to release those fears, much not even my own, but passed down through my family line.  I felt as if the sedimentation of generational trauma prevented me from moving forward.

What a relief it is to know that our transgenerational memories and our childhood programming can be cleared. I know first-hand, what it is like to feel overcome by limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors. I know what it is like to feel stuck, to have an inkling of one’s potential, but feel unable to reach it. But whatever story you tell yourself about why you are the way you are, it is just a story, and not even the True Story. The truth is that you possess  unlimited potential and are a Being of infinite worth (if I may paraphrase the late Stephen Covey). And my mission is to help clear the mental and emotional clutter, so you can Live your Truth. If you experience any inkling of self-sabotage and are willing to release it, you have come to the right place.