Are you allowing your feelings to keep you playing small in your life?

The truth is: Your feelings don’t matter.

I am referring to the stories that defined you as a child:

All the injustices that you suffered. . .

All the times that you were abandoned, ignored, rejected, overlooked, betrayed, abused. . .

It doesn’t really matter.

This may seem heartless to you. But if I don’t tell you this, who will?

You may be so fascinated with your stories that you keep stewing in the muck of your life.

You use your excuses to stay stuck. You blame people, outside circumstances, your love life, or your kids, on where you are falling short of your vision.

I say this with complete love.

Because I stayed stuck in the shadows of my life for many years.

The story of my life goes like this:

My parents divorced when I was ten. Their split up was a complete shock since they never argued.  Shortly after, my father received orders from the military to move. He was a test pilot. And I was left behind with a childlike mother who left her marriage of 10 years for an abusive alcoholic boyfriend. My father quickly remarried and started a new family. There’s much more, but you can get the idea…

So yes, those stories can be fascinating.
We give those stories so much energy to justify our present circumstances.

Why we are the way we are….

I used that story to justify my addictions and risky behavior in my teens and twenties. I spent years on a couch with a therapist. But I never got well.

That is why I prefer energy work to psychoanalysis. It’s so much more empowering to clear the emotional charge to these stories, to release the energetic weight of limiting beliefs.

If you want to create a different pattern in your life, you need to do something drastic to change.

Sometimes, clients will come to me with such interesting stories. But we can clear the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs.

When you remove the energetic weeds, you can recover your truth:

You are always fully supported.

You are getting all the help and support that you need.

You are worthy of success.

You are worthy to be cherished and loved.

Are you invested in the stories of your past? Or are you invested in your vision?

Take a moment to reflect upon your thoughts. Where does your mind tend to wander?

By directing your thoughts, you choose the past or the present…

What society, the government, our cultural consciousness fails to tell you: is that you can choose your thoughts, and create your life.

You are a creator, born in the image of God. And you have unlimited possibilities all around you. You just need to wake up and choose to bring them into your reality.

But that line of thinking does not garner votes or sell more beer, cola, or television programming.

You can choose poverty or prosperity.

It all begins with a thought.

Followed By action.

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