Shifting into ProsperityMy website offers a complimentary download of a group energy session on Creating Financial Abundance. Funny thing, I felt a shift listening to the recording of my own session. Honestly, I didn’t expect that, since after all, I was the present during the live energy session. Didn’t I already receive the benefits?

It was late in the evening, and I listened to the audio file while I was uploading the mp3 file to my website.

I was tired, trying to cram in too much after the kids went to bed, but I was eager to share this gift with my community.  As I heard the sound of me, the faciliator/ energy coach in a parallel universe, moving the group energy, I felt revitalized. My unexpected experiment with quantum physics was surreal and fascinating.

Even though I have done much energy work around prosperity-consciousness, I am still learning. After listening to the session, a block had been released. I felt motivated to review my spending plan and discuss it with my husband. Often, discussing finances brings up a feeling of angst for me. We are good at attracting financial abundance, but I don’t like to discuss numbers. And I’ll do anything to avoid it. But after the energy work, I was able to review our finances and have a grown-up business meeting with my husband. It went splendidly, without all the heavy feelings that sometimes arise.

I am grateful for this work, as challenging as it is for our intellectual minds to grasp. When you listened to the recording, did you feel a shift around money matters?  I would love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to share with us below.