What is the secret to overcoming fear?

My son taught me a lesson this summer:
The third swim meet, I braced myself as I watched my son battle this demon of fear. Just before lining up for his heat, He wiped the tears from underneath his swim goggles. Would he swim? The coach coaxed him. All I could see was Jayce shaking his head. As a Simply Healed practitioner, I sent him some energy work. Clearing the generational blocks from the past. The fear of moving forward. Blocks from his childhood when learning to float as a 6-month-old baby. Anger and fear. He was only 6 years old. How important was swimming in this meet? I yearned for him to break past this fear.

Yet I knew this was his journey.
The announcer’s familiar call and the swimmers stood at the deck. Jayce leaned over the pool with the other swimmers. At the signal, he plunged into the pool.I cheered with joy and tears as I watched him swim down the lane. It didn’t matter whether he placed or not.He won.

Where do you allow your fear to stop you from diving fully into your life?
My son showed me the secret to overcoming fear:

Taking Inspired Action.
Sure, I helped him along by clearing the blocks with energy work. And yes, I advocate clearing those blocks of resistance so you can move forward swiftly and confidently in life. But ultimately, he must accept the energetic support to see results. In the end, he decided to bust through the fear.

When we face our fear, it loses its power.
All that you want in life (on a soulful level) is on the other side of that fear. And yet you might stop. Or stay busy and distracted. Or you are consumed with caring for the needs of others. But living your purpose. The love of your life. Deeply satisfying relationships. And yes, more money. It’s waiting for you on the other side.

All you need is the courage to take Inspired Action.
Sometimes, our fear is so submerged in our subconscious we don’t recognize it. We feel convinced that we just don’t want to do _________. Or that it is not the right time to do  ______________.  Or we are committed that the problem really lies with another person. Or that we must go off to grad school first, or take that yoga class, or get another certification, or pay off that bill first, and then I will be ready for ____________. I know this conversation far too well because  I was that person stuck in that mind loop for years. And just when I think I have mastered one area in my life, fear pops up somewhere else. It reminds me to stay humble. So here is the question for today:

What fear is standing between you and the life you dream about? What would your life be like if you busted through that fear?
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