The truth behind success is that your ability to create success and increase your prosperity is 97% mindset.

Do you have what it takes to be successful?

Success can be defined on your own terms. Does it mean creating financial freedom? Excelling in your work? Living your purpose?
Raising children who become responsible, self-actualized adults? Finding the love of your life? Traveling the world and helping others?

Here is a short quiz to discover if you possess the secret of success (Answer True or False):

The Truth Behind Success: Why You Are Falling Short of Results
1. You commit to a coaching program or a project to launch your business.

The next month, everything goes haywire: you become ill. Your husband and your kids test your resolve. Your computer breaks downs. Your business gets busier than ever. Your house needs a new roof.

You dust off your vision statement to reconnect to your why. You commit to completing what you started, no matter what. You know that success is defined by your integrity to keeping your commitments. You ask how can I make this happen, instead of should I do this?

You will not stop until you get the results you committed to. True or False?

2. When you notice lots of drama with the people in your life or with your clients, or you go through a spell when you are not attracting clients, or you keep meeting potential clients who say: I cannot afford your program.

You ask: what is there about me or in my internal belief system that is creating this scenario? You look inward. You change your beliefs. You clear the blocks through energy work.

You examine your life and see what you can change so you can change what shows up in your life. True or False?

3. You dream of financial freedom. You have written down your intention in a detailed vision statement. You encounter an opportunity to invest in yourself. To finally get YOU out of the way of your own success. But you don’t have the money in your bank account. You decide to take the leap anyway. You invest in yourself. And you go out and get 2 clients to pay for your investment. Or you sell your unused items in your basement. Or you cash out that little bit of money in a rollover 401K. Why? Because you believe in yourself and your ability to make your success happen.

You are willing to do whatever it takes with integrity to realize your dreams. True or False?

4. Your heart says YES to a financial opportunity. But you have had a long history of failures in the past. You are afraid about what your husband (or your parents) will say about one more investment. Instead of hiding, you decide to create a new pattern. You lay out the costs and projected income opportunity from this new investment. You commit to paying him a 20% return on his investment in one year. You show you are serious.

You are committed to your vision. True or False?
5. You are launching your program. And you set the goal for 10 new clients in your program. You get 5. Instead of settling for 5, you commit to doing what it takes to reach out to the 5 more clients who need your program. You ask for additional mentorship, if necessary.

You do not stop until you hit your numbers. True or False?

If you answered True to:

  • 5 questions, Congratulations! You possess the Success mindset.

  • 4 questions, you are well on your way to Success. You are still working on refining your commitment to your vision. Good job!

  • 3 questions, you have enjoyed some success, but not the success you dream about. Pay attention to where you can refine your commitment to your vision.

  • 2 questions or less, Your honesty in taking this test is noteworthy.

You have work to do in developing a success mindset. But the fact that you took this test is very hopeful. Continue to pay attention to your thoughts. Reframe your negative thought patterns. Continue reading in this blog about how to shift to a success mindset.

Success and financial abundance are entirely within arm’s reach.  Here are 3 tips to create more success in your life:

  1. Commit to your vision
  2. Taking inspired action
  3. Taking a leap.

How did you do on the quiz? Share your results and/ or your takeways in the comment box below. And click share to pass this along to your friends and family and make a difference for someone else.