Financial woes were a constant companion in my life. “Not enough” was part of my money story.

I was addicted to struggle.

Even when I cleared the money blocks, and our family experienced increased cash flow, I still overspent to create that imbalance. I was comfortable in lack. My financial set point was stuck in scarcity.

Overspending was a generational pattern on my mother’s side. But even after I released that block through energy work and SimplyHealed, I still clung to that pattern. And I share this, in case you are still clinging to an ancestral pattern (even after it has been cleared).

What I discovered is that my self-inflicted money chaos sought to cover up other feelings of lack.
But I experienced an epiphany that shifted the block.
The money story was a smokescreen for the real problem.

I did not want to face my unhappiness in my relationships. It was easier to stick to the familiar money story, than get honest.
Once I could became honest about what I was avoiding, I could work on improving my relationships.
For several years, I focused on clearing blocks while working with clients.
But what lies beyond the block?

When the block is cleared, the way is paved to live your true potential.
Today, I share the secret to living your potential.
But first, let’s start with an assessment:

Are you mildly unhappy with your life? Is your love life not aligned with your vision? Is your marriage mired in mediocrity? Does your body not feel good? Are your finances a disaster or just not where you want to be?

Do you consume food, tv, sex, work, exercise, or shopping to numb your pain?  Do you spend your life pleasing others or worrying about the lives of your loved ones?

Your dissatisfaction is a gift. Whether in the area of finances, relationships, or  health, your current challenge invites you to choose honesty.

Where in your life are you not living up to your true potential?
I believe we are designed for greatness. Your birthright is unlimited potential. But often, we stay lurking in the shadows.
As humans, we are naturally wired to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

The pain of your current trouble has the potential to motivate you to change. When we are ready to shift, our weaknesses may become strengths.

Is there something you know what you need to do, but you just are doing not it?

Here are 3 questions to get you started so you can shift:

  1. Where are you falling short of living your potential? Is it in the area of relationships, money, health, or spirituality?
  2. What is your problem a mask for?
  3. What is your investment in staying where you are?
  4. What is the one action I could take, to shift in this area?


Living your potential is an integrity issue. I believe that we each have access to divine inspiration.
We may excel in one area of our lives, but fall short in another.
Your blocks are a gift, if your issue is causing sufficient pain.
Because the pain paves the way for more growth.

“I honor who I am and who I am becoming.”
Are you ready to shift? What is standing between you and living your full potential?

Share your thoughts below.