Using the Law of Attraction to ShiftHow can the Law of Attraction work when you are stressed about paying the bills? Are you wondering where the next pay check is coming? The next client? Are you frustrated with the familiarity of not enough, despite your hard work? Have you cleared your blocks to prosperity, but are still not manifesting financial abundance?

You understand the Law of Attraction. You embrace the maxim: Our thoughts create our reality.

You get it. You are a spiritual person. You believe in the power of intention and positive energy to manifest your dreams.

But what do you do when what is showing up in your life contrasts greatly from the prosperity you desire?

If you are an entrepreneur with a fluctuating income, how do you maintain faith and positivity when your bank balance creeps toward a negative balance? How do you stay hopeful when the stack of bills towers over your desk?

You know this principle of the Law of Attraction, but sometimes, it is difficult to apply.

Ask and you will receive. Knock, and the door will be opened.
These words are inspired truth. The only caveat is that your will must be aligned with Divine will. But we have to stay unattached to the outcome. That is the definition of faith. If our desire smacks of desperation and need, we deflect the abundance coming our way.

 I know what is like to manifest miracles in my life–I tested the Law of Attraction with success–, and I also know what it is like to feel blocked to financial prosperity. In our last relocation I felt disheartened about the house-hunting experience. I loved my completely green, custom home in Minnesota. When I searched online for houses in Maryland, I didn’t see the houses I desired in our price range.

“We just can’t get the same kind of house in Maryland.” I complained.

My husband looked at me. Optimism comes more naturally to him.

“Wait a minute.’ I reframed what I just said. “We are going to get a house that we love, well within our price range.”

My husband laughed approvingly.

I wrote a letter to my angels with the details of a house that would bring us joy. I included lots of windows with light, a finished basement and home theater where my kids could play, a home where it was fun to entertain, with a pool or community pool and access to the water with an affordable mortgage payment. I wrote the letter in the present tense, expressing my gratitude as if it already happened.

Our family created an energy circle where we declared our gratitude, as if it already happened, for the swift sale of our home and purchase of our new home in Maryland. We danced and laughed together in the energy of our declarations.

On my second house-hunting trip with my husband, I was started to feel frustrated. We had looked at fifty plus homes, and we just couldn’t agree on house. The last home we decided to see on the last day just came on the market. It was perfect. It completely fit our requirements.

It was a short sale. And the realtor didn’t want us to get our hopes up. But the sale and the relocating went through effortlessly in perfect timing. In fact, the week we sold our home was the exact week that the bank of the short sale wanted to verify our funds. If the bank had asked for the money sooner, we wouldn’t have been able to get the house.

The buying and selling of homes has taught me the miracle of manifesting our desires, if we concentrate our efforts and turn over the rest to a loving God.

The Law of Attraction still takes work on our part.

To help you shift, stay tuned for the next post on 5 Tips to Shift Your Income Today.