Tera Maxwell
Freedom Collective

This is a message to . . .

Anyone Who Is Ready To Embrace Their Full Potential.

Anyone who is looking to take the first steps down the road to success and happiness.

Who wants to overcome their own blocks, stop sabotaging their best interests, and let go of past baggage.

It is for that person who wants to feel a POSITIVE energy shift.

The Freedom Collective is the first step down the road to your better self.

The Freedom Collective is a community focused program that incorporates valuable energy work and the benefits of a strong community.

It’s a community of people who are looking to let go of their past troubles, overcome their inner mental blocks and embrace their full potential.

It’s for people who are tired of always feeling blocked, incapable, or sabotaged.

Discover the power of a community where everyone is looking to better their lives, and everyone is supportive of each other, and you will experience first hand the benefits and energy shifts that will positively affect you and the rest of this community.

Because a strong community is critical for success.

Inner CircleThe reality is that all the best companies have a strong company culture. The best teams are tight nit cohesive units, while the happiest neighborhoods are places where people help each other out and lean on each other for support and guidance.

  • Clarity both professionally and personally
  • More peace and acceptance within their life
  • Less stress
  • A clearer vision of their goals and ambition
  • A better outlook on money and financial matters


Dear Friend,

Do you feel like your own worst enemy?

Do you feel stressed?

Are your own fears and inhibitions holding you back?

Do you feel like you don’t have the support system you need to reach your potential?

Do you feel Stuck? Unable to move forward in life? Unable to gain any positive traction?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you are not alone.

There are LOTS of people who feel the same way you do.

I know I used to.

The good news is this: Feeling this way doesn’t mean you are crazy, or there is something inherently wrong with you.

It just means you need support and energy work.

A community of people (including me) who are supportive of your goals, understand what you are going through, what you want to accomplish and will help you overcome your inner blocks to reach your potential.

Think of where you are right now. Now imagine:

  • Having less stress in your life?
  • Having clarity professionally and personally
  • Having self confidence and peace of mind
  • Having better relationships. Both with yourself and with other.

Now imagine how much better life would be
if everything above came easily and naturally?


Inner CircleIt’s not crazy or far fetched. Through the energy work we do in the Freedom Collective you will start to see these changes take place.

The program is designed to encourage personal growth in a community that is supportive and fostering of personal development.

Through monthly meetings, tailored energy clearings, an Energetic Blueprint for Success video course and a private Facebook group for support, growth and sharing you will see breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs that will leave your old issues behind and allow you to embrace a bright future.

Not only will you start to see personal breakthroughs but the kind of breakthroughs that will be permanent.

This is a ongoing program so that the changes you make aren’t fleeting.

Through continuous support and the encouragement of the community, as well as the energy work I will do with you, the changes that you make can be for life. The support that the group provides reinforces the positive changes that are going to take place.

Let me tell you a little bit about me.


Tera Maxwell Inner CircleI am a successful businesswomen with a thriving business. I have a Ph.D. and have seen a great deal of success in my life. More importantly I have a wonderful husband and children.

However my life wasn’t always this way. For many years I was lost, confused and unhappy, and the worst part is that people were envious of my life!

I lived glamorously, I partied with celebrities and rich men, I traveled the world, met incredible people, saw incredible places and lived in some of the most incredible places on Earth. Hawaii, San Francisco, and New York to name a few.

I also struggled with an eating disorder and substance abuse.

Not so glamorous.

At the age of 28 I had an epiphany. I was feeling sick after another “glamorous” night out and I realized I couldn’t live like this anymore. I was going nowhere fast. In order to get past my inner demons I had to face them head on. I had to clear my own inner blocks and end my self-sabotage. It was a life changing realization.

I was good at everything I put my mind to (straight A’s in school for example) but I always found an excuse to give up, to quit, to not give 100%.

No More.

I rededicated myself to school and discovered the power of energy work. When I had terrible writers block, I cleared it. When I was depressed after my second child, it helped me overcome that without any anti-depressant and all the trouble they bring. I don’t know where I would be in life if I didn’t discover the power and benefits of energy work, but I know I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.

It is very easy to not strive for success because it scares us. The responsibilities that come along with it, the money, the happiness.


It’s much easier to not strive for our dreams with 100% conviction because if we fail that is REAL failure. Soul crushing failure. 

It’s much easier to play it safe and not strive for our goals and dreams because then we can fall back on the excuse of “well I could have done it if I tried.”

There is comfort in this line of thinking. But it is also what is holding you back from reaching your true potential.

You aren’t the only one who does this.

In fact MOST people do., But if you desire to be exceptional, to be successful, happy and fulfilled with life then the Inner Circle, the energy work and the community it provides is the first step in the right direction.

My academic work was based on the effects of generational trauma. Through this study I became involved in energy work and it worked wonders for me.

It helped me have a better relationship with my family, conquer depression and it gave me the confidence I needed to start my business. Energy work is a powerful tool. It allowed me to forego my self sabotaging ways and find success both personally and professionally.Save

Don’t just take my word for it though:

“This was my first experience with an energy session, so I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, Tera led the way and explained it to me as we went along. In the weeks that have passed since, I feel like the doors of possibility are so much wider than they were before. The blocks have been lifted, and I can do anything I set my mind to. Thanks Tera!”

— Barbara Austin, Chief Design Officer at Sweet Dreamz Design Sweet Dreams Design

“Thank you, Tera! I thought it was a really neat session. It did take me several minutes to get into it (I’m always the skeptic…), but once I was able to relax I felt the benefits. I had an interview for a new job yesterday morning, and I really think the session helped my confidence during the interview – and I got the job!”

Beth Whitesell, Bake It Make It With Beth

“My appointments with Tera have helped me release blockages and open to greater feelings of well-being and calm in my life, as well as an increased awareness of the gains I experience each day.  That awareness, coupled with a new sense of gratitude has allowed me to move beyond a great deal of pain and see my life from a whole new perspective. The generational release work has been especially . . . helpful, as I have wondered where some of my deeper feelings were coming from, because it didn’t seem to be all mine.  I have experienced increased physical energy, more times of joy and a deeper sense of my purpose in my life.”  

 — Sara

Dear Tera,  Since our last session together, I have been seeing opportunities flowing to me in my business. Also, I seem to be making better choices in the food and drink category. So thank you!”

— Julie Sullivan, CEO of Renovate and Decorate

As you can see energy work can help people in a variety of ways.


If you want to have similar results as my other clients then the Freedom Collective is a great starting point. You will start to see the effects immediately, and with continuous support these changes can take root and become permanent positive changes in your life.

Depending on what is blocking your path you will start to have:

  • Less stress
  • More self confidence (real confidence, no need to fake it!)
  • Clarity for your business/career
  • More meaningful relationships
  • Inner peace

But the truth is that this is only the tip of the iceberg.


The Freedom Collective is designed
to foster a supportive community and encourage growth.


By joining the program you receive:

  • Monthly Group Energy Session
  • Energetic Blueprint for Success Video Course
  • Membership in The Freedom Collective Facebook Group
  • Tailored Energy Clearing in Monthly Group Sessions

For only $97 dollars a month you will gain access to the all the features above. You can leave the program when you choose.

Normally, for $97 dollars a month I don’t get too many objections. After all it is a relatively small monetary commitment. 

The ongoing, monthly program is designed with the knowledge that real change takes time. In order to make permanent, beneficial changes we must make sure that we commit to the the energy work long term.

I can’t promise a magic solution to all of your problems, as I am not a magician, but I can guarantee you that with a commitment to the program you will start to see REAL changes within yourself. These changes will manifest in self confidence, clarity, the release of long held inner blocks and will lead to a happy and fulfilling life.Save

The Bottom line is this:

Life is the most precious gift. To spend it underperforming, held back by our own inhibitions, blocks and fears is a waste of the gifts we are given. Before you know it you will wake up and be 70. When that time comes do you want to look back on a life filled with regret because you didn’t have the courage to follow your dreams?

Or do you want to look back on a life filled with love, passion, ambition and fulfillment?

The Freedom Collective is the first step in that direction.

You have the keys to your own happiness, join the Freedom Collective to start the engine.

“I have to say the change has been dramatic! Over the last 48 hours I had some overdue invoices get paid. I have debt that has been weighing me down – that I have been trying to consolidate. All avenues I attempted over the past year were closed to me. Literally out of the blue – I get a notice in the mail that a business account that had been closed (due to my bank being bought out) was now re-opened and the available balance was exactly the amount I needed. Actually more than I needed – and I was able to transfer some balances and consolidate that debt for what I consider to be a reasonable rate. Energy – shifted!”

Deanna Taus

Thank you so much! If I had any doubts about my choice to do this, I no longer do. For me, that was a confirmation of making the right choice to do this, and of how great it is to have this energy cleared! I really can feel a major difference.

— Francine Ramirez

“I wanted to personally thank you so very much for the prosperity shift program. I loved how personal it was to my journey. Perhaps we’ll work together in the future. I appreciate becoming more of who I’m meant to be!”

— Lori Keeley

“I wanted to let you know of the amazing opportunity that I received this weekend. I do believe it has a lot to do with the session we did on Tuesday. I listened to the recording twice! An acquaintance from the office that I used to work at called me Friday. She was getting out of the “egg selling business” and wanted to know if I wanted to buy her soy-free organic feed for a really good price. My husband and I went over to pick it up. She offered to give me 14 of her good laying hens and all of her supplies and customers! She also told me she was getting out of this because she was opening a spiritual center in the fall. I told her that I did energy work and meditation workshops and she was so excited and said that she would have me give workshops at her center! I raised my head to the heavens and thanked God that moment. Thank you Tera for helping me to clear what blocks I had and to open my heart to receive. I love the work that you are doing and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.

 — Linda Zeneski

“Working with Tera has resulted in both subtle and dramatic shifts at a cellular level. By releasing deep-rooted blocks, doors that have been closed to me for a long time have simply just opened. The confidence and feeling of sincerely being more connected has been awesome. I highly recommend Tera and her style, both engaging and approachable!”

— Jude Smiley, MBA

“Working with you I felt an enormous energetic cleansing and shift which resulted in an energetic and chakra opening. What I like about working with you is I don’t have to talk about the “stuff” because we’re working on an energy level.”

— Tree Marr

“I felt a calm wash over me, and I was very excited about what the future had in store. I found it very impressive that you are able to diagnose and cure energy blocks with very little information from me. I didn’t have to share deeply personal information – and even if I wanted to, I didn’t even realize what those events might have been that were causing money blocks for me. You were able to tune into these energy blocks and clear them with little to no prodding on my part. I am fascinated!.”
— Amber K. Litchfield, Esquire

“I am so proud that I implemented all our energy work. I have listened to the call over and over, including going to sleep.  Following my inner guidance, I adjusted my calendar by taking out anything that wasn’t bringing me joy even though my logical brain told me it would have worked and made me money. Today, once I had let go of what I was uncommitted to I had so much extra energy and so many other things fell in to place. My web designer did amazing work (for free) in record time, my engineer mastered my song perfectly, I connected with my really committed supporters and got them excited for my new album release, I designed and created amazing new images for my album release and after that I met my friends and felt so happy and had such a lovely night with them. Thank you Tera. I love this energy work. At the end of the day I have done a week’s worth of work and I feel energized, excited and happy instead of feeling drained. I love this energy work. I really surrendered to it all this week and I am loving seeing the results!”

— Aoife O’Leary