What is Holding You Back from Success?

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What is holding you back from success? From realizing your vision?
“Come on, Mom. Get in the water.” My children coaxed me while splashing in the swimming pool.
“I can’t. I don’t want to get wet.”

I used to love the water, would swim a mile in the ocean on a dare, go skinny dipping in freezing cold water, scuba-dived off a deep treacherous canyon, south of Carmel.

Here I was, repeating the words I heard my dad tell me as a child. He loathed the frigid waters of the Pacific. My mom, a single mom and nurse, was always busy earning a living, too tired to play.
Somewhere in between the throes of parenting and becoming a “responsible adult,” I had become my parents.

But awareness is 90% the solution to any problem.
And it wasn’t until visiting my family in California that I realized I had changed.
”Really?” My younger sister asked. “You’ve always liked to swim.” She wanted to jump into the ocean. Her rule was that a visit to the beach must include an ocean dip.

Ah, here was a block.

My vision as a mother was to create good memories with my children, yet I felt so unwilling to get wet. It felt like drudgery–with so much work to do–to play! You may not relate to my resistance to swimming with my kids. I had a vision, yet I felt resistance to taking the action to create what was important to me. My block was holding me back from success in my family.

Where do you feel resistance in your life?

Whether in your business, your career, your relationships, or your health?
What is your vision? What is holding you back from realizing your vision? What is holding you back from success, however you define success?

If you notice a disconnect between your vision and current life: there is your block.
A block is an emotional or mental obstacle that keeps you from living your very best life or being your very best self.  Often, our blind spots prevent us from seeing the limitation. The block comes in the form of a limiting belief or emotional pattern. It feels so engrained that we think it defines us.

What I love about my work as a SimplyHealedTM practitioner and as one client calls me “an blocks-busting energy expert” is that we don’t have to settle for the limitations we experience today. Our limitations do not define us.

Since clearing the blocks to swimming with my kids, there has been a noticeable shift in my family. To my kids’ delight this past month, I played in the ocean. We surfed the waves. We’ve been playing tag on our morning walks to the park.

Confession: My focus on my business these past several months had left my attention on my family life a bit lopsided. Since abundance incorporates all aspect of my life–not just making money–it was time to shift gears.

I share this little miracle in my own journey because whether you are facing blocks to taking the next step to creating a successful business, a harmonious marriage, a happy family, or financial freedom: the process is the same.

Here is a self-quiz to facilitate a shift:

  1. What do you want to create in your life?
  2. What is stopping you from getting what you want
  3. What do you need to do to shift?

Answer this quiz and take inspired action. You already have the answers. You know what you must do. And don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

The Universe is here to support the unfoldment of your highest potential.
If blog post resonates with you, share with your friends and leave a comment below.

Let’s help each other shift as we continue the conversation.


  1. Sanne

    What I’ve wanted to create in my life is paying off my house “within the next year.” This has been my goal the last 2 years and I am no where near my goal. So what is stopping me from my goal? Not knowing what action to take. I’ve tried many different avenues of making money, but none of them come to fruition. So what do I need to do to shift?

    • Jody

      PLAY more! Have more FUN! Life is a playground! You will find that energy flows better and you become more creative! LET GO!!!!


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