Positive Thinking, or Unlocking the Secret to Prosperity: Part 2

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Cultivate Prosperity Thinking

Yes, you know all about the Law of Attraction and positive thinking, and you know how to cultivate prosperity thinking. You think positive thoughts. You say affirmations all the time.  You post these magical mantras on your walls. But still, you are not getting results.

Do you mistake positive thinking for prosperity thinking?
There is a difference.

Positive thinking is speaking and trying to think positively. You try to be cheerful. You look on the bright side. You are all about hope. But the operative word is “trying.” You are white-knuckling positivity when at your core you are bone-deep afraid. The fear runs cold, so deep, you don’t even acknowledge it.

Afraid or White Knucking positivity

When I work with clients, I muscle-test, or as Donna Eden calls it, “energy test” their energy systems. I can evaluate the sticking power of your attempts at positive thinking.

Testing the Sticking Power of Affirmations
For example, let’s look at the following affirmations:

“I am a success.”

“My business is thriving.”

“I attract my ideal clients.”

“I am excited and humbled to grow a list of 5000 ideal clients and lead an intimate, highly engaged community.”

“I am organizing a successful telesummit.”

“I am confident and attracting awesome experts with healthy databases who want to partner with me.”

“It is so exciting to be fully booked with clients who really value my work and experience amazing transformations.”

“I am grateful to create and enjoy financial freedom through the revenue from my business.”

If your energy tests weak with any or all of the above affirmations, that means that you (and your energy) do not believe these statements to be true. Your body does not resonate with these affirmations.

Put differently, your subconscious beliefs are energetically at odds with these positive thoughts or positive thinking statements.
I was working with a client recently who is very good at staying positive amidst many difficult challenges. But her attempts at positive thinking are a kind of false bravado. 

And that “false bravado” or white-knuckling affirmations is the reason she is not manifesting her vision as quickly as she would like.

Fortunately, we were able to diagnose the problem and eliminate the root of the problem. We cleared the energetic blocks. Now, her positive thinking can penetrate her subconscious. Her energy can resonate with the truth of what she wants to create.

If you are using affirmations and experiencing success at manifesting your vision, awesome work! But if you are still feeling stuck, get help from an experienced energy specialist such as a

Simply Healed practitioner.

Through strategic energetic alignment, you accelerate your success in a short time and manifest your vision.


  1. Stephanie Treasure

    Thanks for making the distinction in this awesome post Tera. Now I can see clearly what you mean. I think that you are describing what many of us have been doing for so long.

    • Tera

      Hi Stephanie, I’m glad you liked this. I love your name, BTW. So fitting!

  2. lilytemmer

    Excellent post, Tera. Thank you.

    • Tera

      Thanks, Lily for you comment.


  3. Jen

    You explained this so beautifully – I have been there! Thank you for sharing your insights!

    • Tera

      My pleasure, Jen. Thank you for your comment!

  4. francine

    I have been experiencing that very thing as I work with you Tera. I can feel a major shift in my energy from you removing the blocks. I find myself feeling really positive and open to possibilities, whereas before, I really was not believing the affirmations. Now, they seem possible and believable. Thanks for another confirmation that I am on the right road to prosperity.


    • Tera

      Thank you, Francine, for sharing your experience with our community. “See” you soon!

  5. Annarie Tolman

    Thanks so much tEra. I love the distinction between positive thinking and prosperity thinking. Positive thinking can take such am effort, but prosperity thinking seems natural. Love it!

    • Tera

      Hi Annemarie,
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate you!

  6. kelly muldoon

    Awesome article Tera !

    • Tera

      Thank you, Kelly!


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