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Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

You have been playing the game, and it’s time to elevate to the Higher Law.

Ever since the movie The Secret came out, the Law of Attraction and other universal laws of abundance have become part of mainstream consciousness.

You play with manifesting, your dream home, your dream love, your dream career or business.

And you smile at your success.

But that is like the child who is so pleased with herself after creating a tower of blocks.

It is still only a tower of blocks.

And you cry when the blocks come crashing down, but it was only a tower of blocks.

And some of you have been trying to follow the rules of someone else’s game. It is not working. You are feeling exhausted. It is because you are misguided and not listening to your Higher Self.

This is your invitation:

You are invited to tap into the energy that creates worlds.

To create with certainty. With consistency. With mastery.

And not for childish self-indulgence. But to shift this planet.

There is a lot of talk about the Collective. The masses who are still asleep.

No judgment here. Everyone plays their part.

But this is an invitation to a new Collective.

Activation Group

The Freedom Collective.

You are ready to master the skills and thoughts of true freedom.

To create anything you desire in this world, and to create with the responsibility of a spiritually awakened adult.

I have been on an accelerated fast-track to study & master these skills, and I know there are a few of you who are ready to elevate into the Higher Law.

Tera Workshop The Activation

It is time to put away the childish things and uplevel our focus, our energy, & the scope of our creations.

To learn this new mastery would mean working with me privately. You know if this is your next step. There is a waiting list, and current clients get priority. So that is not why I am reaching out.

Here’s the reason:

It is time to activate.

To wake up from the old stories. To wake up from the ordinary routine. To wake up from thinking that your current reality is the only reality. To wake up from overwhelm and exhaustion. To wake up from working so hard to be successful. To wake up from trying to play someone else’s game and always coming up short. To wake up from playing small.

There is an easier way. A life of more ease and flow. A way that is authentic & unique to you.

And as I was feeling into you, I get that not everyone can currently SEE how they can CREATE the resources for the high-level mastery to work with me privately or even the resources to enroll in A-Life Academy to learn how to live at their highest potential.

And my commitment is to help you activate into your power as the conscious creator of your life.

So I created THE ACTIVATION. You can only find this package here.

It’s thirteen 1 Hour Recordings of Deep Powerful Energy Work to help you WAKE UP to what is possible now.




Here’s what the package includes:

13 1 Hour Recordings ($1300 value):

  • Quantum Leap Activation
  • Uplevel 3.0: Upgrade to Your Best Version of Yourself
  • Clearing Your Money Blocks
  • Connecting to Your Vision & Intention
  • Plugging into Gratitude
  • Perfectionism, Procrastination and Overwhelm
  • Plugging into Self-Worth
  • Activating Your Mind and Money Flow
  • Play, Creativity and Connecting to Our Inner Child
  • Plugging into Your Vision
  • Uplevel 2.0: Upgrade to Your Next Best Version of Yourself
  • Energy of Clearing Money Blocks
  • Energy of Money and Increasing Money Flow

3 Months in the Freedom Collective and Access to Monthly Live Energy Calls ($300 Value)

1 30 Minute Your Next Step Activation Call ($1000 value)

$2600 package for only…




Why such a low price?

These recordings are designed for your activation. I would GIVE it to you, but that would not serve you. For you to get the biggest shift, it requires investing your energy & resources.


If you purchase The Activation and you do not experience a shift, improvement, or releasing of blocks in your life, send us an email at team@teramaxwell.com, and you get your money back, no questions asked.

Risk Free Guarantee

Here is what people share about the energy work and the Freedom Collective:

Iʻve let go of a lot of anger and bitterness, my relationship with my wife has improved dramatically due to my perspective changes. Yesterday I unexpectedly was “told” what my 2nd book title is and it felt great even though I had no intention on writing another book. Iʻm happier just because I can be.

Allen Atkinson

Tera Maxwell Facebook Fan

I was going to share at the end of our call that I have totally been feeling flow and noticing it all around me. Yet again this week I have been introduced to another potential buyer for my business who I think would be awesome. I’ve been trying to sell my business for a year now with very stagnate improvement. Only in the last four weeks (pretty much since I have started working with Tera Maxwell) have these buyers come into my scope or at least I am open to seeing them now! So excited to see this process working!

Jamie Boggeln

Tera Maxwell Facebook Fan

I am grateful for Tera and her many bits of wisdom she imparts to us. Today’s call had some wonderful nuggets that stood out to me: release the need to struggle; release any resistance to abundance; it doesn’t matter if the abundance hasn’t shown up yet, it is definitely coming if you are in flow; live in certainty that your efforts now are seeds you are planting and they will positively grow. Thank you Tera, you are changing my life.

Jen Jones

Tera Maxwell Facebook Fan

Tera- Thanks for the great Energy work shop- I listened as soon as i woke up this am, and it motivated me! I’m in gratitude and on purpose.

Lorraine Pursell

Tera Maxwell Facebook Fan

WOW. Just off a one-on-one call with Tera. Brought up and cleared some BIG stuff! Who knew?! LOVE this work. LOVE Tera Maxwell.

Natalie Saxe

Tera Maxwell Facebook Fan

Through my work with Tera, I have been able to step into such a deeper connection with myself and my abundance. I now recognize my patterns around receiving and how I limited myself in the past from obtaining my desires. I am forever grateful for our calls and time together!

Nikka Karli

Tera Maxwell Facebook Fan

Oh what a great day I had. When you are committed and connected to your dream great things happen. Thanks Tera for an awesome call on “clearing money blocks”.

Suzette Grant

Tera Maxwell Facebook Fan

Here to listen to the call that I missed. I want to acknowledge a shift in my energy field: from freezing from overwhelm to embracing and being empowered by expansion. This is working so well Tera, THANK YOU! Feels soooooooooo much better and it feels safe because it is a natural phase of life.

Tchiya Amet

Tera Maxwell Facebook Fan

Yay! I get to create worlds of possibilities. Each film is a world. This shifted my focus. I am so excited that my box idea wasn’t crazy after all! It had items from my movies! Like treasures in the sand! Thank you Tera for the story that validated it for me! Please forgive me for wanting to just be soooo happy and share my joy that I feel now! A ton of love!!!

Victoria Riis

Tera Maxwell Facebook Fan

I’m so grateful for these recordings. I purchased them on the first day of my vacation last week and constantly had them playing on a loop 24/7. Some nights I even slept with earbuds in my ears as they played because I really wanted it to get into my subconscious. I feel like a different person and now I am taking this process more seriously than I ever have before. Thanks Tera!

Tamika Wilitz

Here’s why I am reaching out.

Today is the day to WAKE UP.

The planet is shifting, and it’s time for you to step into playing a bigger game.

If you are feeling that stirring in your heart that you are resonating with my words and want to join me:

Click below to purchase The Activation:

Much love,


Tera Maxwell