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Your Ascension Guide to Transcend the Upper Limit, Access Your Power Within, & Align with a New Earth

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How to Materialize a Life of Freedom through Quantum Creation

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What stands between you and being UNSTOPPABLE?

If you answer anything like me & the high-achievers I serve, it was ME, getting in my own way.

We resist our greatness.

We are the only beings in the Universe who resist the Divine (or Higher) Intelligence that flows through all living & non-living things.

The thing is: it is not our fault. It’s nobody’s fault.

Our brains are wired to keep us safe, to avoid danger.

As you explore this website, access the free resources, & check out the online & in-person programs I offer, we’ll address the deep-rooted blocks & patterns that keep us living in limitations.

Let’s call this THE MATRIX, societal conditioning, belief programs from school, church, parents, ancestors, social media, technology, government, & society at large that keep us living in a BOX of limitations.

Beyond the box lies Freedom.

Transcending the Upper Limit is the path of transcending this box of limiting belief programs, conscious & unconscious, that run our sophisticated operating system to use a computer metaphor.

On this journey together, as you remember how to manifest with ease & flow, you align with your highest truth. The truth of your soul is a unique signature frequency of Divine intelligence that serves as your unique blueprint, just as every leaf of a tree is individually unique but shares the DNA encoding defined as a leaf.

Are you committed to your soul’s evolution?

Are you an awakening entrepreneur, leader, or creative?

Are you driven to serve others & leave a legacy of contribution & impact?

If so, this is for you…

Tera Maxwell

Founder of the Affluence Codes™, the Quantum GPS™, trainer of Quantum GPS™ coaches, & Soul Transcendence Coach for leaders

Welcome! I am Tera Maxwell, and I work with high-achievers to transcend the Upper Limit and unhinge from the Matrix, so that we can free humanity & usher in a New Earth.

As many healers, my journey of overcoming addiction, depression, and self-sabotage through healing childhood imprints & ancestral patterns led to my scholarly research on intergenerational memories and how we heal from colonial trauma, which, I posited, requires exploring beyond the confines of what the West prescribes as knowledge.

While working on my dissertation, a paralyzing writer’s block opened me up to energy work. Hooked by the immediate results, I studied energy medicine and honed my intuitive gift of identifying patterns & getting to the root of energetic blocks.

Over the past decade, many awakenings, & working with sacred plant medicine in Peru & Costa Rica, I received from my galactic guides a quantum alignment and healing technology called the Quantum GPS™ and the Affluence Codes™ to support awakening leaders to fully come online as Conscious Creators.

Tap into your highest potential!

Activate, accelerate and maintain momentum on your awakening journey

& manifest a life & business aligned with your soul.

Free Resources

Free Resources

Begin the journey.

The best way to get started is to experience & sample the quantum work working with Tera through her free activations & trainings.   Start your manifestation journey to dissolve the upper limit and learn how to manifest your vision into physical reality.



Upgrade your life and your business.

Are you ready to become unstoppable? Access unlimited freedom by tapping into the power within? Receive clarity on the next step in your life & business?  Learn how to become a powerful channel to create your life with more ease and flow and call in the highest frequency of affluence available to you!


Retreats & Events

Shift your environment, Shift your life.

The fastest way to radically transform your life is through changing your environment.  Accelerate your life and business results and become the highest version of yourself through a live immersive experience that shifts your frequency. Join us at one of the upcoming live events, masterminds, and retreats for a transformative life experience.

“When you are energetically aligned with your soul vision, your success is inevitable”

— Tera Maxwell, Ph.D.

Proven Results

Meet some existing and new clients and learn about their experiences.

Since working with Tera, I’ve not only made back my investment, but I’ve taken my business to the next level.

Allyson Chavez

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After working with Tera, my relationship with my wife is 100% better. I see and experience the world differently.

Allen Atkinson

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Since taking the leap and working with Tera, I see my world in a much more positive light now.

Kay Perret

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