The Conscious Reality Creation Method™

The 6-Figure Entrepreneur’s Guide to Accelerated Freedom

Your biggest DREAM is within REACH!

1. Clear blocks + 2. Change thought patterns + 3. Take Action = Results! "Let's Do This"

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Ancient Wisdom Infused With Modern Technology To Create An Affluent Life.

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Are you ready to clarify your vision, create a plan to realize your purpose, and stretch your capacity to contain abundance? Then you’re ready to discover Tera’s signature 5 Levels of Affluence Process and A-Life Academy — coaching programs created specifically to help YOU reach your highest level of potential by aligning you to your own individual purpose.


Tera Maxwell is featured in a wide range of programs and special events that will help you shift your energy and achieve more! Explore this page often to find out more about Tera’s appearances online, around the U.S. and abroad. We hope you will join us soon either online or at a live event that is happening near you!


Are you looking for a speaker who will make your next event the most memorable ever? As an affluence coach, energy specialist and published author, Tera Maxwell shares her candor, insight, experience, and vision to inspire audiences all over the world. Tera is skilled in catering her remarks to engage and connect with a variety of audiences. Book Tera today and make your next event unforgettable!

“Remember, you absolutely can live your dream now. You get to choose.”

— Tera Maxwell, Ph.D.

Tera believes in you, and she takes the effort and time necessary to help you rise to the occasion.

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I feel like a totally different person, like I am more myself. I feel so much more capable, and now I feel confident.

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 Since working with Tera, I’ve made back my investment and taken my business to the next level.

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I’ve had a huge shift in my thinking, and feel so much more positive and solutions-based.

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Is something standing between you and your infinite potential?

“Deep-rooted problems that stop people from reaching their infinite potential”

Affluent Life Retreat, 2018

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