Client Testimonials

Meet some existing and new clients and learn about their experiences.

When I was first considering working with Tera in her VIP Mastermind, my hesitations were with money and if I would be getting the value that I would be paying for. I also felt that there might not be enough contact with only two private calls a month.

I worried about what hadn’t happened yet. I worried about money. I didn’t know that I was creating the chaos in my life. Now I’m able to concentrate on vibrating higher in the present moment. I see how everything is energy and if I concentrate on something that I want, I’m able to manifest it into reality.

While working with Tera I loved learning new things. I loved seeing the results of energy working all around me. I loved having conversations with her about this other dimension. It isn’t something I’m able to talk with anyone else about so it was really intriguing for me.

My results speak for themselves! I was able to use the tools that Tera presented and manifest some really big things: a client, a move to the coast, a sale of my business and its assets, and I was able to create the family life that I desired!

Tera is confident in her knowledge of energy and how to use it in our everyday lives. Tera is really easy to talk to and enthralling to listen to! I’m grateful for my work with Tera!

Jamie Boggeln

Would it work for me? Do I believe enough? Do I have the bootstraps it takes to pull myself up with help? These were the thoughts running through my head as I considered working with Tera.

I was paralyzed in the muck of self-doubt and indecision. Among others, releasing blocks and focusing on energetic vision are Tera’s gifts. She leads by example. She says upfront that she is not perfect. Tera *convinced* me that perfection is not the goal. That is huge for me. She lead me to the certain knowledge that moving ahead depends on a strong, everyday connection to higher self. That the essential things are faith and the willingness to leap, *not* perfection and knowing every step before I take it.

Since taking the leap and working with Tera, I see my world in a much more positive light now. And the world sees me in a more positive place. I know my energy is contributing to a higher vibration in the world, and that is so important to me.

To anyone who feels depressed or unworthy AND has a desire to move that energy out – I would recommend working with Tera.

You get what you put into this. Your own motivation to change allows you to fly. Thank you, Tera and team, from my heart for this year. See you at the retreat in Costa Rica!!

Kay Perret

I’ve had a huge shift in my thinking, and feel so much more positive and solutions-based. It is amazing because I used to be very anxious – but now there is a new peace of mind that I love. This change alone has made A-Life Academy worth it to me. But there are other awesome shifts as well, like a stronger connection to my intuition and a greater kindness to myself and others.

Kate Rowe

Songwriter and Performer

I’ve had a huge shift in my thinking, and feel so much more positive and solutions-based. It is amazing because I used to be very anxious – but now there is a new peace of mind that I love. This change alone has made A-Life Academy worth it to me. But there are other awesome shifts as well, like a stronger connection to my intuition and a greater kindness to myself and others.

Regina Tolman Loveless

I’ve had a huge shift in my thinking, and feel so much more positive and solutions-based. It is amazing because I used to be very anxious – but now there is a new peace of mind that I love. This change alone has made A-Life Academy worth it to me. But there are other awesome shifts as well, like a stronger connection to my intuition and a greater kindness to myself and others.

Susan Jenkins

If I could describe my work with Tera in a sentence, I’d say, “Tera’s process is beautiful in simplicity, but profound in its ability to heal.” And since working with her, I’ve not only made back my investment, but I’ve taken my business to the next level. I’ve enrolled eight new clients, created a blueprint for my business, and learned a range of skills that I didn’t even know I had.

Allyson Chavez

Tera believes in you, and she takes the effort and time necessary to help you rise to the occasion. For me, I’m just getting started with my business, but I’m already noticing changes in my energy, momentum, and excitement for the work I’m doing, plus I’m getting a great reception from other experts and it’s crazy to think that this was once just an idea in my head. Tera has helped me lay the foundation for my business, she’s taught me how to effectively list build, embrace technology, and step into my purpose. I’ve learned so much from her, and I know I’ll continue to learn from her and from everyone that comes into my life.
Drue Didier

Tera understands business and the unique challenges business owners face, and she understands the value of energy work and the power of mindset and manifestation. It’s the energy work that was most valuable to me—I had a lot of clearing that needed to be done. And while the mindset side of things was hardest for me, I did learn to own my power! I could create the life I wanted, embrace me, not be afraid of “no,” and be secure in myself and my desires. With this new mindset, I left my job and launched my own business.
Cheryl Woodhouse

Since I am not American, I feared to be taught “the American way” especially about growing a business the point of view around money, marketing, the pressure on seeking I can feel very strongly in the USA. After working with Tera, I am more confident in my integrity, I’m putting healthy boundaries for family and patients. That part was not easy! I also acknowledge Tera for helping me recognize, accept and break my stubbornness. Now I can distance myself and see better.
Isabelle Secretan

Tera helped me create 2 wonder family trailblazer coaching programs. I had a very successful telesummit and webinar with more to come. Tera has been spiritually breaking through some of my money blocks. I liked working with Tera because of her enthusiasm, spirituality, honesty, loyalty integrity, her love of my family healing ministry, her technical and emotional support of me and my success, and her mirroring of her own success principles in her own personal and professional lives.
Michael Tibbetts

After working with Tera, my relationship with my wife is 100% better. I see and experience the world differently. Before working with Tera I went to conferences not only to learn, also to get away from home, to get a break from the stress and crazyness. Now I wish my wife could come with me when I travel.
Allen Atkinson

I found it very impressive that you are able to diagnose and cure energy blocks with very little information from me. I didn’t have to share deeply personal information – and even if I wanted to, I didn’t even realize what those events might have been that were causing money blocks for me. You were able to tune into these energy blocks and clear them with little to no prodding on my part. I am fascinated!
Amber K. Litchfield


Although energy healing was very foreign to my way of thinking, I decided to give it a try with Tera. What a difference it has made. From the first part of the phone call up until today, it has been an eye-opening experience for me. As Tera guided me through affirmations while doing energy work, she literally lifted burdens I had been carrying with me for way too long. She noticed an intense grief on my maternal side, generations removed. I had long forgotten that indeed there was a very early death of my great grandmother. As generational healing focuses on ancestors, I had not realized how much that grief experienced so long ago continued to affect my family today. Pain and heartache literally was removed and energy could flow once again. The one thing that has surprised me even more was that the atmosphere in our home has improved significantly since our phone call. Tension is reduced, tempers do not flare up as easily and there is simply more laughter. Thanks Tera!
Annemarie Tolman


I am so proud that I implemented all our energy work from Monday. I have listened to the call over and over, including going to sleep. I have been really concentrating on “I align my will with God’s will”. Last night, following my inner guidance, I adjusted my (tempo run) calendar by taking out anything that wasn’t bringing me joy even though my logical brain told me it would have worked and made me money (not an easy decision to make and follow through on, I swear). Anyway, today, once I had let go of what I was uncommitted to I had so much extra energy and so many other things fell in to place. My web designer did amazing work (for free) in record time, my engineer mastered my song perfectly, I connected with my really committed supporters and got them excited for my new album release, I designed and created amazing new images for my album release and after that I met my friends and felt so happy and had such a lovely night with them. Thank you Tera. I love this energy work. At the end of the day I have done a week’s worth of work and I feel energized, excited and happy instead of feeling drained. I love this energy work. I really surrendered to it all this week and I am loving seeing the results! Definitely more to come!!!
Aoife O'Leary

Thank you, Tera! I thought it was a really neat session. It did take me several minutes to get into it (I’m always the skeptic…), but once I was able to relax I felt the benefits. I had an interview for a new job yesterday morning, and I really think the session helped my confidence during the interview – and I got the job!
Beth Whitesell

Working with Tera has changed my life! In our first session, we focused on my businesses among other things, which resulted in a miraculous turnaround. I felt like I let go of so much stuff, it was like the valves just opened up–in my relationships and my business. We didn’t even focus on weight issues, but since working with Tera, I have lost 40 pounds, no dieting. I just feel like releasing the gunk has restored me to Me! In a session with Tera, she will pick up things about me; she is spot-on, like she knows me better than myself. I definitely recommend working with Tera, if you are ready for a transformation.
Carolyn Laurel

Owner of Kinni Valley Riding Academy

I was unsure of what to expect going into an energy session. I’d never done one before, nor had I really known anybody else who had…I left the experience feeling happier, lighter, and ready to move forward with my life. It helped me recognize and move past some difficult feelings and experiences. I’m grateful to have had the experience and could honestly say that everybody could benefit from Simply Healed. I’d easily recommend Tera to friends and family!
Carrie Nicholes


Tera has a way of not backing down even when you want to—she stands firm in what she knows you can accomplish, and I must say, having that type of support has been a huge reason for my success. We are the creators of our life, but often our minds limit what we can achieve, that’s why having Tera there to push you is so important. Because of Tera, I now experience (and have) joy regardless of the situation, and I now make it a necessity to invest in myself and my personal and professional growth.
Jill Christensen

Last year, I found myself financially on my own for the first time in decades. I was working four jobs just to make ends meet, all while trying to promote and up-level my healing practice so that my “soul work” would be my only source of income. I was exhausted, unfulfilled, and unable to see any possibility of investing in anything that wasn’t a basic necessity. Then I had a clarity call with Tera, which changed everything. If I could say anything about Tera, it would be that she walks her talk—she’s gone through the process, stepped through many fires, endured setbacks, and has successfully come out on the other side. Plus, when you combine her business savvy with her powerful gifts as a healer, she’s unmatched!
Susan Jenkins

I had the amazing honor of working with Tera. It was an amazing experience working with her. She is truly gifted and extremely talented. With working with her emotionally, the growth was that I started to enjoy my business. I started to enjoy my life, actually give more time to me. I just started to feel better and that’s the point, right? To feel better. And then financially I actually made 40k in 2 weeks working with Tera, and to give you a contrast, before that it had taken me 4 months just to make 4 sales. So huge transformation, short amount of time, amazing results. I highly recommend working with Tera.
Cole Bombino

So much good is happening and I am also continuing to lift up out of old money patterns.
Devorah Spilman

As we end this incredible year in the A-Life Academy, I am struck by how much we have all grown and opened. It has been an incredible year for me. I have gone through tremendous positive changes. When I first started, I had no vision or direction. After the retreat and training, I end this year with a tremendous opening in my life. After the last call I connected an event from about 15+ years ago to the present. Something that has been sitting within me for that long. I was dI have released so many old patterns that have held me back. As much therapy, other energy modalities, yoga and various other things, I have NEVER had the kind of results I have had with Tera.
Donna Agoitia

A year ago as I started A-Life I was not sure what I got myself into. But this has been the best thing I did for myself and my family. I have grown soo much. Thank you to all of you for your love, support, honesty and your posts. I learned from all of you! like I shared with Melissa I knew my life was off but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Now I am a happy, confident, positive, authentic woman living my life the way I desire, not settling for just ok, but the Abundant A-Life!
Eva Orum

Amazing call today…right on point, I’m free of what everyone else thinks I should be doing or saying… I’m standing in MY AUTHENTIC SELF ready to make authentic collaborations that will transform my world into what I WANT TO CREATE! Thanks. Tera Maxwell for your Insights today.
Adria Fox-Williams

Thank you Tera Maxwell I’ve just listened to this week’s call as a prelude to my morning ritual and I feel so much clearer in terms of my blocks.
Ayana Montgomery

Dear Tera, Since our last session together, I have been seeing opportunities flowing to me in my business. Also, I seem to be making better choices in the food and drink category. So thank you!
Julie Sullivan

CEO of Renovate and Decorate

Big win! Last week my partner helped me do an email blast and this week got first client from that. So excited, for the much needed money, for my first client at my new higher rates. It’s amazing to know I created this. That I can do it. There’s evidence. And it happened with ease. Thanks Tera Maxwell and Melissa and team for helping me believe in me again. I will be persistent & consistent to keep the momentum up!
Laura Martorella

I am just finishing up listening to this month’s call – Wow wow oh, Tera Maxwell!!! Thank you so much for this – it is EXACTLY what I am ready for right now – for me to begin seeing that I can give to people in ways that are valuable – (and still being unattached to the outcomes). Although I have subscribed so well to the belief that I have nothing to give for so long now – I KNOW that this is what had been holding me back – and now I know how to begin shifting it! YAY!! Thank you for setting the challenge also.
Melinda Perry

LOVED the meditation….I really connected with you when you talked about following your flow….not to stop or rebel against it….going with it freely…anyway, very cool.
Nancy Kalina Gómez Edelstein

I am feeling so good today even though I have been feeling vulnerable the last couple of days. I am feeling blessed and in the flow of abundance. Yesterday I was asked by a friend to co-write a book about sex. It came about because of an impromptu talk at the conference I went to a few weeks ago. I wasn’t clear on what direction I wanted to go with my career and coaching, but the universe gave me the idea and I’ve been able to act on it and get excited about it. The coaching with A-Life, support of fellow A-Lifers, in addition to Mind Valley, has been instrumental in my ability to shift my thinking and my energy. I’m going to start working with key people this week as well to advance my career plan and relationships. My cash flow continues to improve. Feeling very blessed and in the flow of abundance.
Gayle Smith

Thank you so much! If I had any doubts about my choice to do this, I no longer do. For me, that was a confirmation of making the right choice to do this, and of how great it is to have this energy cleared! I really can feel a major difference, even though I feel rather tired. I look forward to Friday. I’m starting to believe in possibility again!
Francine Ramirez

I was going to share at the end of our call that I have totally been feeling flow and noticing it all around me. Yet again this week I have been introduced to another potential buyer for my business who I think would be awesome. I’ve been trying to sell my business for a year now with very stagnate improvement. Only in the last four weeks (pretty much since I have started working with Tera Maxwell) have these buyers come into my scope or at least I am open to seeing them now! So excited to see this process working!
Jamie Boggeln

This has truly been a remarkable experience, and I am so grateful for the support of this group and Tera because keeping myself in the right vibration throughout the whole experience made ALL the difference. It was messy at times, and loaded with uncertainty, but I was never fearful or panicky. And look where I landed!!! #newnormal
Jen Jones

Working with Tera has resulted in both subtle and dramatic shifts at a cellular level. By releasing deep rooted blocks that I wasn’t even really conscious of having (resulted in) doors that had been closed to me for a long time (that) have simply just opened. The confidence and feeling of sincerely being more connected has been awesome. I highly recommend Tera and her style, both engaging and approachable.
Jude Smiley, MBA

I am most proud of the fact that I went ahead and did something that my heart told me was right, even though my head told me it was impossible. I learned how to take risks and do frightening things. I now have invested in a personal mindset mentor and I don’t think I would have EVER done that if I had not invested in the Bootcamp first. I feel like this was what I needed to start me on my path of healing and creating.
Larissa Skinner Reed

An acquaintance from the office that I used to work at called me Friday. She was getting out of the “egg selling business” and wanted to know if I wanted to buy her soyfree organic feed for a really good price. My husband and I went over to pick it up. She offered to give me 14 of her good laying hens and all of her supplies and customers! She also told me she was getting out of this because she was opening a spiritual center in the fall. I told her that I did energy work and meditation workshops and she was so excited and said that she would have me give workshops at her center! I raised my head to the heavens and thanked God that moment.

Thank you Tera for helping me to clear what blocks I had and to open my heart to receive. I love the work that you are doing and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.

Linda Zeneski

I wanted to personally thank you so very much for the prosperity shift program. I loved how personal it was to my journey. Perhaps we’ll work together in the future. I appreciate becoming more of who I’m meant to be!
Lori Keeley

I have released negative energy and debilitating thoughts that have stood in the way of me accomplishing my deepest desires. By working with Tera, I have learned to side-step the fear and anxiety that used to hold me back. I have already experienced amazing shifts in my life and have landed my dream job.
Lorna Hermosura

Thanks for the great Energy work shop. I listened as soon as i woke up this am, and it motivated me! I’m in gratitude and on purpose.
Lorraine Pursell

When I get off course I more easily course correct with no judgment. It’s playing it big! Shining my light! Over the last year I have gotten super clear on my message, created two summits bringing in a great sized list, have money flowing into my biz from people buying programs and the summits. My vision is more financial abundance-radical financial abundance easily flowing in. I’ve just finished the first draft of the Tru Girl’s Guide to creating her best life ever. My illustrator and I have created a brand and are moving forward with products and more including this journal. It will be out soon. I have a preview on my instagram and fb page of it. So business is flowing and programs are filling! My family and I have moved to Oregon where we are now settled and beyond loving it! I’ve made many awesome steps forward with my physical healing, body getting stronger and feeling awesome.
Kelly Bradley

It is miraculous how my whole family is being affected by the work that we are doing in the A-Life Academy. Thank you!


WOW. Just off a one-on-one call with Tera. Brought up and cleared some BIG stuff! Who knew?! LOVE this work. LOVE Tera Maxwell.
Natalie Saxe

Through my work with Tera, I have been able to step into such a deeper connection with myself and my abundance. I now recognize my patterns around receiving and how I limited myself in the past from obtaining my desires. I am forever grateful for our calls and time together!
Nikka Karli

Boot camp for me was an amazing experience. If someone asked me before this, if I was an ambitious, persistent and hard-working soul, I would have said “yes.” And 100s if not 1,000s of people around me would have chimed in to support that! Yet I learned otherwise…gently. I have had to face fears that I didn’t even know existed in my psyche that were holding me back! I am not afraid of people rejecting me or turning me down and those fears were there. Incredible, truly! Because of Tera’s amazing energy clearing skills, I was able to be guided through an amazing waterfall carried and supported. I feel like I can do anything really! I feel myself wanting to shrink and live small again, yet I know now I truly don’t want to return to that kind of living! Thanks Tera for taking me to a higher resonance of living.
Ruth Holmes

Although I knew about energy healing, I never felt the need for it until my session with Tera. She helped me realize what self-limiting beliefs involving money and my self-worth I had been holding onto for pretty much my whole life. After my energy session with Tera, within two weeks my day-to-day tasks at work started to become almost effortless. My income has sky-rocketed and I know that with clearing the energy blocks I had, it made all the difference. Thanks so much Tera!
Sherissa Huffman

CEO of Get Rich by 26

Working with Tera is one of the best decisions I made in my life. I trusted my gut to sign up after my layoff and life has never been the same and will never be the same. It just keeps getting better and better. She is the real deal. She works quickly and impeccably. If you are ready to step out of your old story and into your powerful story and adventure, you need Tera on your team.
Stefanie Pedersen

Oh what a great day I had. When you are committed and connected to your dream great things happen. Thanks Tera for an awesome call on “clearing money blocks.
Suzette Grant

I am proud of actually hosting a tele summit and learning new skills and communicating with amazing new people. Also facing many fears and still moving forward even though it’s slowly.
Tanya Ormsby

Here to listen to the call that I missed. I want to acknowledge a shift in my energy field: from freezing from overwhelm to embracing and being empowered by expansion. This is working so well Tera, THANK YOU! Feels soooooooooo much better and it feels safe because it is a natural phase of life.
Tchiya Amet

Yay! I get to create worlds of possibilities. Each film is a world. This shifted my focus. I am so excited that my box idea wasn’t crazy after all! It had items from my movies! Like treasures in the sand! Thank you Tera for the story that validated it for me! Please forgive me for wanting to just be soooo happy and share my joy that I feel now! A ton of love!!!
Victoria Riis

I felt much… lighter and hopeful. More clear. Like it’s OK to take care of myself! I’m going to really exercise 5 days/week. Already did yesterday, about to do today’s. Thank you for the caring, and thank you for the wonderful energy work!
Kevin Chandler

I have to say the change has been dramatic! (sorry for the run on paragraph, but if I hit my Enter key, it will post this before I’ve finished). First – during the call – I was so… heavy… So sleepy! I had to close my eyes and I was getting really weird imagery (a white plaster polar bear in a white room and a red fire truck pealing out of the firehouse with another red and white vehicle with flashing lights behind it.) Then you even said “It’s getting really heavy” and you did some clearing of that energy and that helped a lot. Over the last 48 hours I had some overdue invoices get paid, and then… Well if this doesn’t show how much this energy clearing works, nothing will. I have debt that has been weighing me down – that I have been trying to consolidate. All avenues I attempted over the past year were closed to me. Literally out of the blue – I get a notice in the mail that a business account that had been closed (due to my bank being bought out) was now re-opened and the available balance was exactly the amount I needed. Actually more than I needed – and I was able to transfer some balances and consolidate that debt for what I consider to be a reasonable rate. Energy – shifted! Today’s call was even better and I can’t wait to re-listen as I had to join late. I look forward to emails every day Tera – the path just keeps getting lighter and easier. It’s so good to feel radiant again!
Deanna Lombardo Taus

When I joined A-life my number one goal was more financial abundance, but I had no idea how much more I was going to get from the support, the vortex and energy work. I am literally a different person. I have had two major triggers come up in the last few weeks and have watched in amazement that I wasn’t responding as I would have, even two months ago. I feel like I am really starting to live in my greater truth. I am in love with being at a higher vibration and the minute I feel that energy dip, I want to get back as soon as possible. I stand in awe everyday at this process. I am so, so, grateful.
Suzanne Kelman

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