Overcome Money Sabotage in 5 Simple Steps

by | Jun 18, 2023 | Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Money is Just Energy


To overcome money sabotage in 5 simple steps, or to stop sabotaging money flow, we need to first understand: “Money is just energy. Which means, if are experiencing less money than you deserve, there may be a glitch in your operating system. This is why I share about this addiction to financial chaos, and how to break free from underearning. 

Have you ever hard to achieve your success, only to feel like the rug gets pulled from underneath you?  Often, we blame our outside circumestances. But consider the possibility that you are sabotaging your money flow. If so, you may be suffering from a condition called underearning. Think of it as an allergy to money & financial freedom that money affords. 

In this article, I reveal the 5 simple steps to overcome money sabotage and stop sabotaging your money flow to achieve your financial goals.

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Blocking Money Flow

Before we dive into the 5 Steps to unblocking your money blocks so you stop sabotaging your money flow, let’s look at what is happening on an energetic level when we don’t have enough money, or we are not earning the amount of money we deserve:

When you are blocking money flow, you are like a garden hose. There’s an infinite supply of abundance. Yet the experience is there is not enough. We are unconsciously saboaging our money flow. Let’s understand how it happens and how to shift it. 

What a Garden Hose Taught Me about Abundance

The other day I wanted to rinse the caked mud off my car. I live in the jungle in Costa Rica where we still have dirt roads. 

I screwed on the garden hose to the spigot & turned on the faucet. Yet only a trickle of water was leaking out, not enough pressure to wash off the car. 

What was wrong? 

The green hose was twisted & crimped, blocking the flow of water. 

Blocking Connection to God

I share this story because it is a reminder that not making enough money is a crimp in our connection to GOD. We are like the garden hose. 

I’m not referring to the financial stress or worry about not enought money that comes about from one-time event, like losing one’s job or experiencing a health challenge that affects performance… Stuff happens, but if this is a repeated pattern, it bears looking at it. Many high achievers who suffer from the condition of underearning sabotage their success and feel like they can’t break through the invisible glass ceiling to the next-level of success. 

I share this to raise awareness of Underearning becasue Underearning is an unconscious pattern, rooted in an addiction to struggle, that needs to be illuminated if we want to heal this condition. 

Examples of Underearning

Before we dive into how to break through underearning, let’s look at examples of how underearning. Because we can’t let go and recover from a condition unless we are willing to look at it. 


 Not making enough money, sabotaging money, success, & opportunities, procrastination, hiding from being seen, or perfectionism: these are all subconscious patterns that block money flow. 

If you suspect that your beliefs about money, your family’s money stories, and childhood trauma are blocking the money flow in your life, Let’s talk specifically about how to shift it. 

Note: [To understand the intergenerational patterns & mindset blocks that prevent UnderEarners from enjoying Abundance, Watch the previous video Stop UnderEarning}


Overcoming Money Sabotage, Step 1: Observe

I have been supporting high achievers for over a decade to break through their money blocks. Why? Because I teach what I have learned. Overcoming self-sabotage is my story.

However, even though I had manifested a life of affluence, I got to experience the next level of money blocks so that I could teach this to my community.

Not long ago, I experienced a glitch in my money flow. Over the past 2 years after my separation, I put my business almost on pause, only working with a few clients. So I applied these same steps that I’m sharing with you to shift my reality. 

The first step is. Observe

Because through AWARENESS we can one-by-one eliminate the intergenerational patterns, emotional blocks, and childhood imprints that contributed to this distorted set of beliefs about the world/ 

At the root of NOT MAKING ENOUGH MONEY is our sense of unworthiness. 

Because at the root of not making enough money, being afraid to ask for more money, or creating financial chaos in our lives, at a fundamental level, is our sense of feeling unworthy.

And even the most successful high achievers can feel limited by this unconscious pattern. 

So if you want to be a POWERFUL creator of your reality, you start with this step: Observe. 

Life is a Video Game

Because life is like a video game. 

Players or NPC’s

We are either Key players or NPC’s in the game. I have a teenage son, and he tells me, In video games, an NPC stands for “non-player character.” which means any character in a game that is not controlled by a player. NPCs are typically controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence (AI) and serve various purposes within the game world.

And if we want to players in the game, rather than NPC’s we’ve got to be bigger than the egoic programs running your video game.  

Because YOu are a very sophisticated bio-computer. Your reality is a results of the beliefs, thoughts, habits, speech, running your Divine operating system. 

Underearning is a MindVirus

Underearning, which often stems from childhood trauma, is simply a rogue program that has taken over your operating system. 


And you can delete and nullify the program. 

The Money Saboteur

What is critical to overcoming money sabotage is to look at the Saboteur aspect of our personality. For example, in my own life, I had to observe to see the SABOTEUR how she was acting out in this video game. 


Using Law of Attraction to manifest your desires, If you are an underearner, is like trying to fly a plane to Tahiti, but the plane gets hijacked by AI and keeps re-routing you to some po-dunk town in the desert.  

The solution is to Observe… 

By becoming aware, with curiosity, we illuminate the darkness within. Which means the default programming doesn’t have the same power as it has before. 

Which brings us to Step 2: 

STEP 2: To Overcome Money Sabotage, You get to Choose

Our thoughts and feelings create our reality. 

The question is what is your heart leaning towards: Fear or Love. Scarcity or Abundance? Struggle or Ease? 

Before you can choose, we need to have clarity about the current hell you have created for yourself and the heaven that you aspire to because without clarity, manifesting a life of abundance is just a dream. 

So let’s start with radical honesty about your current reality. Yes, not making enough money and more importantly, not living up to your fullest potential causes pain. This is your proverbial hell. But first, write down what are all the benefits from staying in your current situation. 

What are the benefits and payoff of money sabotage? 

You are getting some reward from your current situation or you wouldn’t be stuck here. What is the payoff? Is it the reward of not having to try something and fail at it. When we procrastinate or stay in the loop of perfectionism, failing to launch because we want it to be perfect, there is a payoff. We never have to deal with putting our heart and soul into an endeavor and failing at it. We never have to deal with the imagined ridicule from friends and family. 

Case Study of a 7 Figure Business Owner: Samantha

I worked with a client whose biggest fear was playing big and growing her business to 7 figures, and losing her husband because he didn’t grow along with her. 

If you are experiencing financial chaos, it may be a straw man to not deal with deeper trauma and or really sitting with feeling alone.

Write down all the benefits you are currently getting from your situation? 

Write down all the pain it is also causing you?. Where will you be 5 or 10 years from now if you keep doing what you are currently doing? 

We cannot just manifest our dream life, unless we are willing to examine and embrace our current reality. Next, we need to dream about our version of heaven and become aware of the unconscious blocks that are keeping us from realizing that vision. 

What is the pleasure & pain of your version of heaven? 

Your Version of Heaven

Write down your vision of what you want to create in your life in 5-10 years. 

What are all the benefits and pleasure you will receive by stepping into this vision? 

What are the perceived pains that you must walk through and overcome in order for you to create this vision for your life? 

Now, let’s get radically honest. Is the pain of staying in the current situation greater than the payoff and comfort of staying stuck? Is the pleasure and reward greater than the challenges and potential losses that you might experience if you commit to this path? 

Remember, we create our reality. For example, the client who feared losing her husband shifted that belief. They grew closer. She was able to retire him from his job, and they moved to her dream location. And it ended up being the greatest gift because he was in the medical field, and during the global issue, when so many doctors and nurses were losing their job or being forces to make decisions that were not aligned with their values, he was free. 

So knowing what it takes to succeed, are you committed to step into this vision? Are you willing to draw a line in the sand and step into this future reality? Are you saying yes to being that future version of yourself who is living your vision? 

You get to CHOOSE today. 

If yes, it moves us to the third step. The first step is Observe. The second step is Choose. The third step is Surrender 

Overcoming Money Sabotage, Step 3: Surrender to a Higher Intelligence 

Look, the solution to all our problems is spiritual. If we stay operating with the same thoughts, habits, behaviors, and actions, where do you think we will be a year from now? 5 years from now? 

The lie is that we often think we have to figure this out ourselves. Every great idea came from the quantum realm. 

There is a more potent force, a Divine intelligence, than you and me that governs the entire universe. If we want to be more powerful and effective in our lives, it behooves us to surrender our self-will, our ego that is governed by limitation, scarcity, and lack because of these programs that are running our operating system, and align with the flow of the Universe. We can only do this when we surrender. 

If you are struggling with underearning, ask: please show me the way, the resources, the mentors, the guidance to align with my truth. 

Show me the false perceptions that keep me from my truth? 

Not long ago, I had a crunchy interaction with an angry teen in my life whom I love. My impulse was to be as far away as possible from this loved one because this person was explosive, derogatory, and disrespectful. I asked this very question… 

That day… I heard heart-wrenching news from my brother that a friend who was only 22 years old died suddenly while spearfishing. And the message I received was gratitude. Could I embrace this present moment? And be grateful for my child even if she was not happy with me and not acting in the way that I would like? I thought of that family. 

When we can shift our perspective… we align with our truth. 

Because often for underearners, they are not seeing all the abundance and blessings that are surrounding them. They are focusing on the scarcity, lack, and fear.. And therefore, in this video game, they create more financial struggle. 

Overcome Money Sabotage, Step 4: Seek Community, Mentorship, and Support 

Which brings us to the 4th step, seeking community and support. Underearning is a debilitating condition. When we are trying to solve this alone, we get imprisoned in our own echo chamber that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Being Confined to an Echochamber of the Past

An echo chamber describes a situation or environment in which people are exposed only to information, ideas, or opinions that align with their existing beliefs, values, or perspectives. It is an enclosed space where individuals encounter a reinforcement of their own views, without much exposure to opposing or diverse viewpoints.

However, the path to freedom is to exit the echo chamber.

We are vibrational beings…. I recently spent time with a friend who just through his presence helped me remember aspects of my Divine self, when I had been feeling stuck in a loop of unforgiveness. 

To accelerate our freedom, it is wise to surround ourselves with community others, who understand and accept you, but also see you are the person you are evolving into. 

Additionally, you can find an accountability partner to take action. You can seek out energy healers, plant medicine, and/or coaches to help you transcend the patterns that keep you stuck in your current condition. 

Never let money be a reason to stay stuck… there are 12 step programs available such as UnderEarners Anonymous, to become part of a community of people. 


Overcome Money Sabotage, Step 5: Commit  

The final step in this 5-Step Method to Overcome Money Sabotage, Stop Sabotaging Money Flow, and Break Free from Underearning is Commit. 

You get to draw a line in the sand today and decide and commit to being the version of yourself who is sharing your gifts and talents with the world and receiving abundance for those gifts because of the value you are bringing to the world.

Taking Inspired, Focused Action

The way that we commit is through Taking Inspired, Focused Action

If you took one action every day toward your vision, where would you be 365 days from now? Whatever the biggest challenge you are currently facing is the key to your abundance. Solve that, and you can teach others how to solve this problem too. 

What are you doing each day to improve your financial situation? And to best draw upon your gifts and talents to serve the world? 

Focus on Service

We often get hampered by focusing on immediate results. But if you focus on serving, and you are asking for Divine guidance on what is the next step to take, you can let go of attachment to the outcome. Each time you take a step in the direction of your vision,  you are living in integrity with your vision. And if you are not charging enough for your services, or giving away your services for free, let me know by commenting below, and I can share another video on this topic. Because when we value our work and our gifts, there is a sweet spot in charging for our services, that helps others because they are (through their investment) also valuing the transformation they are seeking. 


5 Simple Steps to Stop Sabotaging Money Flow

To recap, here is the 5 Step framework so you know where you are in the process, and can breakthrough the self-sabotaging patterns.

  1. Observe 
  2. Choose 
  3. Surrender 
  4. Outreach 
  5. Move 

Affluence is our Birthright

Because if our Divine inheritance is abundance, as children of a loving Creator, not living a life of true affluence (however we self-define what that is uniquely to us), we are like the Prodigal Son in the parable of the Prodigal Son, choosing to squander our inheritance, and seeking to live in the swine pen because we don’t feel worthy because of our humanness. 

When we stay in financial struggle, scarcity, and lack… we are unconsciously defying the Divine. 

Underearning is rebelling against our Divine inheritance. 

Please understand, the key is not to slip into self-condemnation if you do not like the results you are getting in your life. If you are like me, you have made mistakes. It goes with the territory of being human. We don’t need to punish ourselves because self-punishment, judgement, shame, and guilt only perpetuates the cycle of slavery. 

The ego wants to keep us enslaved in this loop of self-condemnation.

Struggling with earning enough or maintaining financial success, isn’t it time to shift this?

Type in the comment below: “I embrace the abundance in my life.”

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