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From life as an addict to a PhD and the owner of a thriving affluence coaching business, Tera Maxwell is living proof that anything is possible.

Tera’s unique ability to identify and remove energy blocks, combined with her rare talent in vibrational energy allows her to help her clients change their thought patterns and take action that is in alignment with their life’s vision.

She lives in integrity with her own vision and truth by helping others attain affluence in all areas of life. She lives in Costa Rica with her husband and children, and spends most mornings surfing the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Are you living your purpose?

You can be! And Tera can help.

Your Guide to Purpose, Fulfillment, Wealth and Happiness

Success is determined by what matters most to you as an individual. Everyone’s definition of success is different, as it should be, but what all successful people have in common, no matter their version of success, is the ability to turn dreams into reality.

They are persistent, they are go-getters, they don’t ask for permission, and they certainly don’t let their inhibitions, internal blocks and self-doubt get the best of them (and yes, they do have them!).

I Believe Fulfillment Comes from Living Your Purpose. And  Success Comes from Committing to Your Vision.

Everyone has inner demons. I seemed to have an affinity for collecting them. I used to be the definition of self-sabotage and low self-worth. I struggled with an eating disorder and substance abuse addiction. I spent my twenties as a “stripper.”

I tell you this because if I can go from where I was (also known as rock bottom) to where I am now, then anything is possible. I am proof. I live in Costa Rica now, with my wonderful husband and family. Most days I wake up and surf before dropping the kids off at school. I start work at around 11am doing what I love, only to stop when it’s time for another surf session, spending time with my children, or a dinner with my husband by the ocean.

Going from smoke filled nightclubs filled with drunk men pawing at me, to a Ph.D., successful business, dream home and a loving family wasn’t easy, but I did it and I did it because after a lifetime of making the wrong decisions, I sobered up, realized the energetic blocks that were holding me back and changed my life.

By clearing out the blocks, and not making excuses I was finally able to change my thought patterns and commit to a vision I had previously never thought possible for myself.

Life didn’t suddenly become easy. Far from it. It’s hard to make change happen, clear out old energetic blocks and develop new habits, but when you do it is truly miraculous.

Life opens up when you are in alignment with your goals and live in integrity with your vision.

I have since dedicated my life to helping others achieve the affluence they crave. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s love. Sometimes it’s something they might not even know.

I welcome you to have the courage to try something new. I can’t do that for you, but I will be there to support with everything else.

A world of possibility awaits you if you do.

Tera Maxwell

Are You Ready to Realize Your Dreams?

But energy work is not enough to realize your peak potential, unless you are able to follow up the energy healing with inspired action and new patterns of thinking.

That’s why I’ve designed my 7 step signature system: The Freedom Blueprint, so that clients are reaching their highest potential.

If you want to experience the power of energy work and mindset coaching in getting unstuck and manifesting your vision then please visit My Program Page.

Let’s get you on track and on purpose.

Lots of Love,

Tera Maxwell, Ph.D