Tera Maxwell, Ph.D.

Your Ascension Guide to Transcend the Upper Limit, Access Your  Power Within, & Align with a New Earth

Are You Ready to Realize Your Biggest Dreams?

Becoming Unstoppable is the path of Ascension,
meaning awakening to remembering who we are as Divine Beings, Creators of our Reality.

You possess the innate power to manifest the life & business of your dreams. However, our unconscious beliefs, energetic imprints from the past, & ancestral patterns [and how these programs translate to thoughts, habits, and behaviors]  hold us back. 

Imagine you received a brand-new computer. On this computer, there was built-in software that came with the machine to build new worlds in the hologram known as 3D REALITY,  Your  human body & brain is a sophisticated bio-computer with this manifesting software.   Your conscious thoughts & unconscious beliefs + a strong emotional charge create your reality. This quantum formula is now backed up by latest research in quantum physics,  what enlightened masters knew for eons:

You create your reality all the time in this holographic projection. But most people do not know how to work with the quantum field (the unified field of infinite possibilities beyond 3D time and space) to manifest what they really desire. Most people are getting results manifesting what they think they don’t want because they are not conscious that their current reality is what they unconsciously desire through their unconscious programs.   Working with my clients, we examine & dissolve those unconscious desires, anchored in the Matrix. 

Becoming Unstoppable is the path of Ascension, meaning awakening to remembering who we are as Divine Beings, Creators of our Reality. 

Manifesting Intentionally is a craft you learn to master to create a life & business aligned with your soul.  Our journey together, if you feel called to join me, is the adventure of mastering conscious creation, embodying our Divine selves, transcending the limiting aspects of ourselves, and fully coming online as Conscious Creators.


Because as we fully come online as Conscious Creators, we harness our ability to create new worlds, and can co-create a better world for humanity.  My soul mission is to call forth the leaders who are here to usher in a New Earth and free humanity. 

Who is with me? 

Reach Your Highest Potential

Energy work is not enough to realize your peak potential unless you can follow up the energy healing with inspired action and new thinking patterns.

That’s why I’ve designed several free and paid training programs as well as live events and retreats to help you reach your highest potential.

If you want to experience the power of energy work and mindset coaching in getting unstuck and manifesting your vision, let’s talk. Let me help you choose the proper training, coaching, or events so you get on track and purpose.

What They Say…

Meet some existing and new clients and learn about their experiences.

I have released negative energy and debilitating thoughts that have stood in the way of me accomplishing my deepest desires. By working with Tera, I have learned to side-step the fear and anxiety that used to hold me back. I have already experienced amazing shifts in my life and have landed my dream job.
Lorna Hermosura

Through my work with Tera, I have been able to step into such a deeper connection with myself and my abundance.

I now recognize my patterns around receiving and how I limited myself in the past from obtaining my desires. I am forever grateful for our calls and time together!

Nikka Karli

“Tera’s process is beautiful in simplicity, but profound in its ability to heal.” And since working with her, I’ve not only made back my investment, but I’ve taken my business to the next level. I’ve enrolled eight new clients, created a blueprint for my business, and learned a range of skills that I didn’t even know I had.
Allyson Chavez

Ready to evolve into the person who is LIVING the life and business of your dreams?