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Our family is sitting around a communal table at Yaxa. A jazzy tune from the 40s grooves in the background. The warm evening air wraps around us like a comfy blanket. Most folks are sipping frosty mojitos or virgin lemonades.

A week before the retreat The Portal, we are dining out, in conversation with strangers.

I am going into ceremony, “ she responds to their polite questions.

“With ayahuasca, “ she adds casually.

Our new acquaintances are open and curious to this information.

After all, we live in Nosara, Costa Rica, a veritable hotbed for yogis, surfers, & awakening sojourners. 

“How old are you?” They query. 

“17, “ my daughter responds. Continuing to tell them she first sat in ceremony at age 14.

You see,

I invited my daughter to attend The Portal as a full adult participant. 


Because she is transitioning to adulthood.

I want to empower her to know who she is,
Why she is here,
And receive her inner guidance on the next steps in her life.

This is my passion & work with the entrepreneurs & leaders I serve:

To return to loving ourselves,
To free ourselves from limiting beliefs & Matrix programs,
To strengthen our connection to the Divine,
So we fully come online as Conscious Creators & awaken from this 3D dream.

To me, this is more important than any university degree, certfication, income eaning, or accolades!
I’m sharing this little peak into my family to illuminate what is possible…

It’s not for everyone.

Plant medicine worked with (in the right setting & with trusted facilitators) can catalyze our awakening, dissolve ancestral patterns,
Restore our soul memory of who we truly are and our place on this planet.

In 3D, the world we live in labels it “using drugs.” Meanwhile, pharmaceuticals loaded with potential contraindications are pushed & normalized in our society.

Many teenagers experiment with alcohol & other substances.

I know, I did.

So be it.

My philosophy is….

And… let’s get connected to your truth & your purpose!
In that place you will make soul-aligned decisions or be able to course correct when you detour as we often do, as humans…

In the 5D spiritual world, the plant tea such as ayahuasca is a frequency medicine (given to us by our Mother Earth) to attune one’s human body to the truth of one’s soul.


All the programs, limiting beliefs, emotional imprints & stories are not who we are…
Yet the ego identifies with these false programs & stories of our past & our ancestral patterns.

Which means most of us are enslaved by the past, and don’t even realize it.

The thing is…

This sacred medicine ceremony is not something to promote or persuade.

The medicine calls us.

And there are so many paths that lead to the light.

Most clients come to me in their 30s, 40s, 50s seeking freedom,
healing the past that holds them back from playing at their highest.

To the young person such as my daughter, I might ask:
Why not start now?

I am over-the-moon grateful.
There were so many gifts from this experience together.

So much is too sacred to share here.

In giving her the love & acceptance & holding space as she stepped through The Portal,

I was also giving my own teenage self the love & acceptance that she craved.

This love & forgiveness is how we collapse the timelines from our past.

I am sharing all this to celebrate with you in praise of this next generation.

I am in awe of my daughter because of her willingness to expand, to become her authentic self, to move through discomfort, to learn the art of surrender.

What a beautiful journey we are all on together!

I’m curious… what has been your experience as a parent in helping our children become free from the societal conditioning of the Matrix?

💫Evolve & Be Free 💫

Much love,




    So important are these ceremonies for rite of passage! Sadly overlooked by the “Modern society”. Wonderful work Tara!

    • Tera Maxwell

      Thank you, Nevenka.


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