Breaking Free from Underearning

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Underearning is an addiction

Underearning is an addiction. Not making enough money because you don’t believe on an unconscious level that you are worth it, this is a spiritual condition that can be healed. 

  • If you struggle financially because you earn less than your skills, talents, and credentials.
  • If you know you are living beneath your potential but feel gripped with fear about being visible and taking the steps that will actually make you money, 
  • If you have achieved success but repeatedly seem to sabotage success due to a family crisis, health challenge, or other events,

You may be suffering from this insidious dis-ease called underearning. 

This message is for the underearners. You know who you are. 

Underearners are the bright lights who stymie the flow of abundance in their life.  

I teach about underearning because this has been my journey. Like most mentors, healers, and leaders, we teach what we learn. 

Yes, I am a high achiever, and I know how to get sh-t, done. 

However, it took me dropping out of 7 colleges, recovering from addiction, and overcoming loads of self-doubt before I finally committed to myself to stick through a semester of school, no matter what. 

I built a mulit-6-figure coaching company, and you might think that this problem was handled.

Yet after my biggest month in sales, $100k in revenue, I manifested a family rift that drove me into emotional turmoil for months. 

After I traveled to Peru and downloaded the Affluence Codes, my body was depleted from the energy transmission, and I was in bed on and off for months. And the low energy affected my ability to create and share. 

I have been teaching about manifesting our dreams and creating a life of true affluence for over a decade. 


My relationship with money was like a toxic love affair. When buckets of money hit my bank account, I couldn’t spend it quickly enough. I knew there was something wrong. I became obsessed with how we heal these intergeneratioinal patterns and childhood trauma, and it’s been my life’s work to support other entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creators to heal this too.


Because underearning is about undervaluing ourselves.

There is a direct correlation between the amount of money that is coming into (and staying in) one’s bank account and how we value ourselves and our openness to receive. 

Once I became radically honest to see the underearning pattern, sought the right mentorship and support, and downloaded the energy tools to shift it, and moment-to-moment, turned this over to God, this pattern no longer rules my life. 

Because underearning is merely a flawed program that is running your operating system.  

Undereaners have a warped relationship with money that affects their ability to earn more, to receive more, to maintain & sustain wealth because they are addicted to struggle and chaos on an unconscious level.

If affluence is inner freedom, then the self-sabotaging pattern of underearning blocks one’s ability to create & maintain wealth, one’s ability to consistently go after their dreams, and one’s ability to attract & receive opportunities. 

As long as you allow this program to run your operating your system, you are condemned to scarcity and struggle or at best, knowing you are living beneath your full potential. And it costs you money, opportunities, and fulfillment. 

Who is an underearner?

But underearning doesn’t merely plague the poor who struggle with money. This condition affects both millionaires as well as paupers, both college-educated as well as the high-school dropout, both the trust fund baby and the worker living paycheck to paycheck.

I’ve worked with thousands of clients over the past 13 years, and I’ve observed that there are 2 kinds of underearners: underachievers and high achievers. 

I work with many high achievers who are underearners making 6 figures and 7 figures.

One client let’s call Sarah would reach out for a session, every time she reached the upper limit of her financial goal because in the past, she would sabotage her success. Before our work together, it would seem like something just happened, like a family crisis that would divide her attention and energy, and she would be distracted from her goals. Or hiring a toxic business partner or employee.

We focused on clearing the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, and underearning programs, and on re-calibrating her to her truth, so that she could achieve her goals. Over 3 years, she grew from $15k monthly revenue to $250k monthly revenue, because she upgraded her mindset and healed the childhood patterns that once held her back.

For underachievers, it requires an identity level shift to start behaving like a high achiever.

I worked with a sex worker let’s call Mary whose mission in life is to serve as an energy healer. Because of her childhood trauma, she lived in financial chaos, struggling to pay the bills. She had to value herself, shift limiting beliefs, and set up new habits and patterns to elevate her life so she could be of greater service to others. And now she is doing work she loves. 

There is no value judgment about being a sex worker.

Affluence is living on purpose & experiencing inner freedom

Do you love the work that you do? Do you feel that how you serve the world is the best use of your skills and talents? And are you making more than enough to meet your and your family’s needs and thrive? This is freedom.


Our planet is shifting to a new paradigm, and old systems are falling away.

We are living in the Age of Information and it is predicted that Artificial Intelligence could take away 60% of jobs. What we are birthing is a Creator Economy, where the barrier to entry is so low. You just need a smartphone and access to the internet.

If you want to know how to change your life, change your reality, there is a plethora of knowledge, mentorship, and guidance at your fingertips. You can learn how to be more productive. How to change a habit. How to manifest a desire into physical reality. How to create 5 figures, 6 figures, or more by sharing your gifts with the world. 


The abundance of opportunities is ripe for the plucking, but there is a disease of underearning that afflicts many creators, healers, coaches, artists, and writers. Unless you address this, creating the financial freedom that is touted over YouTube is but a pipe dream. 

Affluence, defined as inner freedom, is our birthright. 

However, we cannot truly experience the affluent life if we are still enslaved by this program of underearning. 

 I am on a mission to eradicate this program of underearning so we can be free. 

I”m sharing this because for many would-be creators, solopreneurs, healers, and coaches, It may be the missing piece that has hampered your income-earning and success. because it is a particularly pernicious kind of self-sabotage. 

Address this rogue pattern, find a spiritual solution, and become free.

Without this bondage of self, which is holding you back, you will step more fully into your best version of self. You are free to manifest the life your true self desires for you. Abundance is on the other side. 

3 Mindset Blocks to Healing Underearning 

But first, we must address the 3 biggest mindset blocks to underearning. 

Mindset Block 1

First, what stops many underearners from taking the necessary steps to upleveling their money flow is they unconsciously subscribe to the victim stories from childhood. This belief, “I cannot change.” We live the stories that we tell ourselves.

If we are so committed to our story of our past, we cannot let it go. Sometimes, we would rather live in the blame and resentment for what others did to us, than to let it go. It’s more comfortable than facing the fear of forging into the GREAT UNKNOWN. 

But we can shift the story. 

Ask this question: What if whatever happened to me was the greatest gift? 


Mindset Block 2

Second, most people do not want to take personal responsibility for their life.

The resounding truth is that We are CREATORS. On a soul level, we chose our parents, our DNA coding, and the intergenerational soup to be born into so we could transmute it. Most of humanity sees the external world as outside of themselves. They are still sleeping, so they don’t have the awareness to awaken and shift their outer circumstances. 

Sometimes, we can get so hypnotized by our external reality that we believe it just happens. I get it. Sometimes, it is inordinately challenging to remember: we create our reality. THIS IS THE WORK!  

Recently, I was talking to a woman who shared the litany of things that happened to her: she moved into a house with mold; she developed an autoimmune disease from her environment, and because of feeling physically challenged, she was sucked into the spin cycle of the material world.

The challenge is to muster up the awareness to Observe it. To heal the old emotional triggers and beliefs that are creating the current reality so that you can return to a state of neutrality and steer your ship. 

Life can be hard. I know, I’ve walked through it.

But blaming others, the economy, the world, our parents, and ourselves, keeps us in the loop of condemnation. And we cannot break free. It’s not about whose fault it is, even if you do feel guilty or self-righteous in your accusation… but what is the gift or lesson from this experience? And what can I do, to change today?

Remember, life is like a video game. And you are personally responsible for everything that is appearing in your game. Get curious. What are the clues that the Universe is sending you to shift your reality? 

Mindset Block 3

Third, underearners can stay stuck in the loop on earning less than they deserve is that they are unconsciously benefiting from the status quo. In other words, there is a payoff. They are terrified to go out of their comfort zone, and they would rather stay with this prognosis.  

Andrew Deutsch, the founder of 12 program Underearners Anonymous, calls underearning a micro addiction that drives the underearner to hide in one’s metaphorical cave. 

If it is helpful to understand this condition as a dis-ease that affects one’s connection to God, to one’s self, to others, and to money, so be it. However, be cautious of wearing underearning as a badge, unless you want to create what Dr. Joe Dispenza calls a “predictable future.” 

Because underearning is simply a program that is running your operating system. It does not define you. It is not your truth. [As I created this post, it became too lengthy to include the 5 Step Framework to Break Free from Underearning. Let me know by commenting below Break Free & I will create another video to lay out the steps]

Why am I sharing this? 

Freeing Ourselves from the Matrix

Humanity is awakening.

Though the Matrix, aka societal conditioning, is a seen and unseen force that interpellates and enslaves us. Accepting to live with this condition is like giving the Matrix your consent to take over to disempower you. Just as there are forces of light that are here to support this awakening, for millenia, there are forces of darkness that aim to keep us enslaved. 

In my doctoral research on intergenerational memories and how we heal from colonial trauma, trauma is the vehicle that the scriptures reference as the curse that is passed down from father to son.

Let’s expand that to the curse from parents to the children. Colonial trauma is the study of how one privileged group oppresses another group, based on skin color & economics, to maintain a position of power and gain resources through the subjugation of the marginalized group to enslave them. 

While this is true on a structural level to disempower an entire population to get them to perform to serve the greed and corruption of an empire.

Let’s acknowledge a more insidious way to disempower and enslave billions of people. This is executed through family trauma, like a virus that gets down from generation to generation, through making each child not believe in their worth, making them feel that they are not loved, that they are abandoned and unsupported, that we need to compete to survive in this dog eat dog world.

And a potent virus can be replicated and spread, seemingly through our own free will, until it stifles our free will because we are being run by these programs on autopilot. Does this make sense? 

And in a world that touts the rise of Divine Feminine, how is it that we disempower young girls and women by influencing our ability to trust in ourselves, to believe in ourselves, to focus on an impossible ideal of beauty that always leaves us wanting?

If there is a Divine intelligence that seeks to guide us and return us to love. There is also a Dark intelligence, let’s pretend it is the mastermind Intelligence behind the Matrix that corrupts our innate knowing. That seeks to disempower young men and negate masculinity. But let’s leave this for another video.[ Let me know if you want to hear more on this topic].

The celebration is that all this corruption is changing as we are illuminating the darkness and awakening to our truth. 

This is pertinent to underearning because underearners are an untapped force to save humanity.

Addiction, underearning, or whatever past trauma that impacts how you create in the world may feel like a limitation. Yet what if it is your failsafe to help you awaken and remember your soul mission on earth?

A failsafe refers to a mechanism designed to prevent or mitigate the consequences of a failure or malfunction in another system. It acts as a safeguard, ensuring that if something goes wrong, there is a backup plan or a way to minimize potential harm or damage.

What if underearning or any addiction is not a hindrance, but a safeguard to ensure you will not get off-track to your mission here on earth? You are wired to seek the Divine support and tools to help you access your superpower. 

Consistently earning less than one’s potential & struggling with money is an act of defiance of our truth, our connection to God, & the laws of the Universe. If you don’t believe me, check into your body.

Anytime you have struggled with money, or resisted taking the next inspired action, how does it feel? Our body is our emotional guidance system. If it felt empowering, it would feel good to your body. It would feel expansive and light. 

There is no judgment about whether you have $10 million or one dollar in the bank. The Universe sees it all as abundance. But the key is how do you feel about your use of your inheritance, your gifts, talents, and potential? 

Because your emotions and what is showing up in your external reality will give you clues to help you shift. In engineering, fail safes are often built into the design of systems to prevent or mitigate failures.

Consider underearning like an emergency shutdown procedure that blocks your flow or opportunities, triggered by specific conditions when you are denying your truth and your purpose,  so you become aware when you are off track so you can correct it. 


So if Underearning is a fail safe to ensure that you are on track to your life purpose, than earning less than one’s skillsets & worth is both a debilitating condition and the access point to one’s superpower, the golden keys to the Father’s kingdom. 

I don’t subscribe to any particular religion, however this is my favorite scripture in the Book of Ether because it captures a spiritual truth :

“And if men come unto me, I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.” (Ether 12:27)

This verse suggests that through humility, faith, and reliance on God’s grace, weaknesses can be turned into strengths. Through the transformative power of faith and the enabling influence of God’s grace, we are empowered to overcome our weaknesses and find strength. 

I know this to be true because every time I have hit a bottom in my life and surrendered, I experienced Divine intervention and the grace to take the necessary steps to change my life. 

If underearning is a strength, I invite you to tap into Divine intelligence and ask God/ Divine/ Higher Self to tell you: how is this my superpower?  


If we are here to magnify the work and glory of the Divine in the wondrous tapestry of God-consciousness, then Underearning is like a snag in the woven fabric of our beingness, that doesn’t represent a flaw or some error in our making, but rather, a snag that if we pull at it, and unravel, our tapestry of abundance like a flag unfurled.

Underearning represents a potency, not an error of God’s making. It’s like the glitch in our manifestation channel in the intersection of Work & Money & Worth. 

In a world of TikTok and 60-second superficial soundbites and the epidemic of narcissism across the gamut from clinical narcissists, psychopaths, and socialpaths who get off on manipulating others or the garden variety spiritual narcissist who wants to bypass the shadow work and acknowledging the ego, underearners because of their condition cannot afford to bypass this work. 

Their bank account balance and their annual revenue and what they create in the world and more importantly how they FEEL fulfilled will let them know if something is out of alignment. 

What if underearners are the Divine Special Forces, an elite team of lightworkers who are here to shift the planet?

I envision a world where 10% of underearners, writers, healers, massage therapists, teachers, artists, empaths, creators, and visionaires, maybe 100,000 souls who came here to support this Awakening decide to resolve this affliction, claim their worth, their earning power, and their gifts to fully share with the world.


This is how we create a ripple effect on this planet and serve in facilitating this paradigm shift of consciousness on the planet.  

NOTE: If you want to shift today, access my Free Training & Activation on the Freedom Accelerator: How to Materialize a Life of Freedom through Quantum Creation. 


This is how we EVOLVE & BECOME FREE.


Much love,


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