The Key to Clarity

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Yesterday, I was running along the La Jolla cliffs above the Pacific. I saw a homeless man disheveled in a hooded sweatshirt throwing up in a trash can.

I recognized addiction because that was me for many years…

I remember lying alone in a rented room in Hawaii trying to numb myself asleep when sun was rising. Most people were beginning their work day. I was coming down from cocaine. It took me years to humble myself to God and receive Divine help to breakthrough this cycle of addiction.

Here’s why I am sharing this…

It is easy to look at the face of addiction, and feel self-righteous or superior, that your life is not that bad.

It is easy to rationalize the choices in your life that keep you feeling comfortable.

The challenge is that staying comfortable is a form of bondage.

It’s not different than addiction.

I believe we are designed to realize our highest potential. If we are not stretching, we are atrophying.

Everyday, we get to choose:

Expand your heart or contract your heart.

Leap or go backward.

Choose love or stay in fear.

And if you are choosing to stay in your comfort zone, you are resisting your Divine design.

You are in resistance.

But I also get it.


Key to ClarityIf you truly believed what is possible for you, if you trusted, you would take a leap.

I am flying home from a week in San Diego. I attended the Zone Event and emceed on stage for my mentor Shanda Sumpter. It was an amazing and humbling experience to share my story and inspire others to take a leap toward their very best lives.

My life has catapault into the EXPAND zone, and that is where true transformation occurs.

What may be keeping you stuck in your comfort zone is you want more clarity. You want to know with certainty that this next step is right for you.

Your impulse to CONTROL and PLAN every detail and be PERFECT is keeping you from moving forward.

But the challenge is you are succumbing to fear. Then, who is your master?

So here is the key to clarity:

Clarity comes from taking action. You move forward.

Every good thing in your life is the result of taking what Tony Robbins calls “massive action.”

Write in your journal: what are all the good things that have resulted in your life as a result of leaping?

If you want to shift your current life, take a huge quantum leap.

What is your quantum leap this year? If you have no idea yet, what is stopping you from taking action?

Share your thoughts in the comment box below, and let’s start a conversation.


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