What surfing teaches me about success

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Freedom, Success Strategies

Sometimes, we get presented with a massive opportunity, yet we hold back.
It can look like self-sabotage, like one time I was asked to present at an event, but I was worried that my talk was too spiritual, so I dumbed it down to academic language I was comfortable with, and I bombed… 
I didn’t share my brilliant essence and energy transmissions that my audience loves & elevates from receiving. 
I didn’t trust myself. 
Or we“manifest” a family or health crisis, so we just cannot accept the opportunity or move into the next level of abundance.
It feels like a setback. 
Or we procrastinate, knowing that we have powerful gifts to share with the world, yet a year goes by and we don’t step up to shine and be visible. We hide with our excuses and delay our debut… 
Last week, I shifted a pattern in me around holding back in surfing. 
Because I know “the way we do one thing is the way we do everything”, 
I was painfully conscious of my habit of “holding back” in the ocean.
Where else was this a pattern in my life? 
I learned to surf when I moved to Costa Rica. 
Taking lots of waves, I was blissfully naive about the “extreme” aspect of the sport. I
Until one day, I went for a huge wave and it shoved me to the ocean floor, and pinned me there, the leash wrapped around my ankles, like a pig hog-tied. The board slammed my ribs, and I was reeling in pain. 
Sometimes, I position myself the wave, angled, paddling at the speed of the wave, and as the wave surged underneath the board and lifted me to the peak, I”d look below.  
My body tightened in fear, and before I could even think it, the trauma memory took over. And my body pulled me off the wave.. 
The wave surged past me, as I sat there defeated. 
A surfer I knew looked at me with incredulity. 
“You were in the perfect spot.” 
“I know.” I replied, disappointed and angry with myself as I compared myself to other surfers who took 10X more waves than me. 
The thing is… (surfing is like business)
If you take more waves, you get more practice, so you become a better surfer. 
Holding back… slowed down my progression. 
Last month, I overcame this pattern. 
Something shifted. I don’t think about it anymore. 
Over the past few years… I changed locations, moving down to the southern zone in Costa Rica and started surfing more advanced spots, where the wave was heavy and fast and pitchy. 
I hired a surf coach, former pro surfer, who trained my daughter and gave me surf tips to focus on.
I became friends with surfers who elevated me and gave me confidence in my surfing skills.
It wasn’t one thing… 
But one day, it felt like everything came together, like pieces of puzzle snapping into place. 
And the timeline of “holding back” is the story of the past. 
During this entire 8 year process, I surfed consistently, sometimes twice a day… I showed up. 
I stayed present with my “pattern.” 
I hired mentors. 
And then one day, through grace… it all starts working. 
Today… I am the future version of the surfer I envisioned… 
I’m sharing this because being an entrepreneur is a similar journey. 
We can experience one setback or another. 
We can look at others’ results and wonder why it isn’t working? 
We invest thousands and thousands of dollars, and don’t get the results we expected. 
However, when we keep showing up. 
When we stop making up a story about the past… 
When we surround ourselves with mentors and peers who can support us in the journey. 
When we stay curious and open to pivoting, when necessary. 
[Doing market research, implementing aligned advice, or tweaking the marketing, the service, or some other crucial aspect of creating business success]
When we can stay out of the story, 
Take aligned action
Stay focused on the vision. 
Make adjustments internally to get in alignment. 
One day, we wake up, and it feels like we are an overnight success. 
Evolve & Be Free 
Much love,
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