Why Your Biggest Fear is your ticket to Freedom

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This week, an old friend left a scathing attack to me & my work on Facebook.
Years ago, it would have devastated me. 
Instead, I am grateful to her because she activated me to write this post…

Here’s what I am observing:

Some of you still playing the waiting game of living FULLY on life purpose…
And that’s why you aren’t manifesting more abundance in your life
You are resisting the magnitude of your brilliance…

Keep reading if this is you:

Your biggest fear is being seen and being visible.

You know you are here to play bigger.
You feel that tug in your heart to step more fully into your life purpose.
You want to manifest abundance AND do it through doing & sharing what lights you up.

But you are waiting

You are waiting for the fears to go away…
Your fear of being seen and being visible.
Your fear of being criticized and attacked.
Your fear of leaving behind the people you love.
Your fear of being alone.
Your fear of losing your family.

Yet here’s the cold hard truth: [and I came face to face with that this week]

As you step into your next level of You as a LEADER:

You will be criticized.
You will be attacked.
You will leave behind old friends and family.
You may even break up your marriage.
You will experience being alone…

And that petrifies you

So you play the waiting game:

You wait for permission from your spouse and your kids.
You wait for assurance that it is all going to work out.
You wait for the message of certainty before you take a leap.
You wait for that check to hit your bank account someday.

But by waiting, you submit to a mind virus that keeps you stuck.
And if you were honest with yourself… it’s damn painful to stay where you are at.

I get it… I was stuck in this loop for so many years.
Bulimia, addiction, co-dependent relationships, procrastination… you name it.
These fears are the biggest reason we self-sabotage our success.
And it took a lot of trial and error and study of different modalities to discover & develop a method to override my patterns and accelerate manifesting my dream.

Through emotional clearing or energy work, you can discharge these triggers.
So you are no longer ruled by your fears.
But this level of manifestation is not just about energy work and clearing blocks.
Some of you are WAY TOO FASCINATED with your stories
So you stay in the story.

Imagine if you trusted your ability to consciously create your reality.
Imagine if you set an intention and manifested your big dream (I”m not talking about spewing woo woo words about abundance and still being broke and stuck in the same cycle)

This is the definition of true freedom.

Are you committed to experiencing this level of freedom?

Freedom is when you no longer care what people think of you.
Freedom is when you are no longer ruled by your fears, emotions, & limiting beliefs.
Freedom is when you trust the guidance from your Higher Self.
Freedom is when you KNOW you will do what you say you are going to do.
Freedom is being awake, no longer enslaved by the Matrix.

Freedom is when you are so committed to your life purpose, it trumps everything else.

Who here is ready to play at this level of freedom?

Declare it out loud.
Yell it so your loved ones think you are crazy
Celebrate you are stepping into freedom now.
And take that next inspired action to activate this vibration.

And please share this message, if you feel called.

Because it all boils down to this… and the world does not want you to know this.

The world wants you to stay asleep:
You can live your dream now. 

I hope this serves you…

Sending you love,

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