The Conscious Reality Creation Method™

The 6-Figure Entrepreneur’s Guide to Accelerated Freedom

Your biggest DREAM is within REACH!

1. Clear blocks + 2. Change thought patterns + 3. Take Action = Results! "Let's Do This"

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

Ancient Wisdom Infused With Modern Technology To Create An Affluent Life.

Choose the Program That Best Fits Your Needs

VIP Mastermind Program

The VIP Mastermind Program is designed for the business owners and other professionals that have BIG dreams but find themselves stuck. Whether it’s money blocks, mindset issues, or wondering what it will take to get to the next level, they know they need critical ongoing support and coaching so that they don’t find themselves stuck in the same place years from now. Sound familiar? If it does — and if you’re willing to do the work — the VIP Mastermind Program will show you how to get more clients, make more money and finally put your business to work for you — instead of the other way around!

Affluent Life Academy

The Affluent Life Academy is a coaching course that gives you the tools, techniques, and support to claim your own freedom and begin claiming the affluence you deserve! You’ll discover a wealth of insights you can use to start experiencing your absolute best life today.

Freedom Collective

The Freedom Collective is for people who want to take baby steps before giant leaps. This is a less intensive program for the people who aren’t quite ready to make the larger commitments of my other programs. Even so, you will see positive energy shifts and will experience greater joy, passion and ease as a result!