4 tips to shift to being unlimited

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Transcending the Upper Limit

I recently returned from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Training in Denver. I wanted to share my thoughts with you as a reminder of what is possible for us all. And I’ll share a few tips on how to shift to the highest available timeline (or outcome) in your life.

Living a life without limitations is not about striving or achieving some end goal.

Because BEING and LIVING a life without limits Is encoded in your DNA 

Because you are created in the image of the Divine,

Which means you are the offspring of DEITY.

Therefore, you have the same access and potentiality as the Divine.

Becoming unlimited requires tuning into the frequency of infinite possibilities. 

By frequency, think emotional vibration.

In other words, if you feel the truth of infinite possibilities in your heart,

You are attuned to this frequency.

Why is this important?

Because we do not materialize a thought into physical reality through our heads.

The manifesting generator resides in our hearts.

You access this realm of the infinite by connecting through the quantum field, the unified field of possibilities, which lies outside of time and space.

And the access point is NOW. 

I’ll be diving deeper into this topic next week on a FB live to share with you. Stay tuned for my invite next week.


Remember that all we have is NOW.

And no matter what is showing up in our lives,

You can access the highest potential outcome by

1. Connecting to the NOW moment.
2. Raising your frequency to gratitude and/ or love.
3. Asking for a solution and staying open to receiving.
4. Stay alert and follow the clues.

Say out loud:

There are infinite possibilities. I connect to the highest available timeline (or outcome). I know things always work out for me.

I remain in a state of receivership to be guided to the solution.

We get to be free

Much love,


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  1. Rina

    Thank You Tera!
    Such PRECIOUS and TIMELY reminders


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