Hello, Pre-Pregnancy Body!

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Abundance and Affluence

Are you, like me, still carrying those “baby” pounds, way beyond pregnancy? My baby girl is two-years-old, and but my weight was still hovering in the 140’s. Yet over the past couple weeks, my body decided to shift to my thinner self. I’ll share with you what created the shift.

We’ve been told to focus on calories, fat intake, or portions. But calories don’t make us fat. Thoughts make us fat. Every thought-feeling holds a particular vibration on a continuum from love at the highest frequency to hate at the lowest frequency. For example, my vivacious toddler pats her Buddha belly and exclaims with delight, “That’s a big one!” She has not been programmed to feel badly for her roundness. It brings her joy. What I knew is that I was comfortable at a heavier weight. 

As an Energy Intuitive and Coach, I had worked on my releasing my blocks to a healthy, slender body and increasing my metabolism. But it wasn’t until the past month that I realized: the resistance to releasing the weight was inextricably tied to deep-seated fear. I was afraid of losing weight. Subconsciously, I told myself that to be a successful Energy Coach who helped and inspired others, I had to return to my ideal weight. I was afraid about stepping up and creating a thriving practice where I served as the go-to expert in my field. I was afraid about being accountable for what I knew and needed to share.

Once I identified and cleared these blocks, I created the energetic blueprint for living at my ideal weight. When I ran at the treadmill at the gym, I looked in the mirror and imagined my fit figure. I visualized myself running in this new body. When I caught myself looking critically at my belly fat, I intentionally whispered love words to my tummy.

I also knew that sugar and wheat played havoc on my metabolism, but I was reluctant to give it up.  So I followed my husband’s mantra on life: “Sneak up on it.” I woke up 2 weeks ago and decided to start juicing again and throughout the day, made healthier choices. Here is what worked for me.

Squeezed lemon and boiled water upon waking.
Juiced greens 1-3 times a day.
Stay away from sugar and white flour.
Eat veggies, fruits, and nuts through the day.
Enjoy a normal meal (protein, veggie, white rice) with my family for dinner.
Increase my working out from 3 to 5 times a week.

I didn’t start out doing a diet. Because I struggled with an eating disorder in my teens and twenties, diets don’t work for me. On-again-off-again thinking can set me up for binging. Instead, I contemplate: What do I want to eat today? What would give me the most energy? I thrive when I am honoring my body by choosing foods for optimal energy. But I also give myself permission to indulge in less-than-healthy foods when the occasion arises–without the guilt.

If you are desiring to shed some pounds or if you have tried many attempts to lose weight, only to see the weight return, it may be helpful to tackle the issue through energy work to see what subconscious beliefs are keeping you in a heavier body. If you were at your ideal weight, what would you be doing differently? Start living “as if,” and watch your body follow your lead.


  1. Cyndi Lamarucciola

    I can really identify with your writings on “fear”. I have experienced that same thing. I find I am most difficult on myself when I forget that I am on a journey and feel frustration when I am not “there yet”.

    • Tera

      I agree, Cyndi. I have to remember to ask myself: how will I look back on this time, twenty years from now?

      • Tera

        Thank you!

  2. Jeremy Hall

    Great post. I will read your posts frequently. Added you to the RSS reader.

    • Tera

      Thanks, Jeremy!


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