5 Reasons Why You Won’t Realize Your Dream This Year

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

I believe you absolutely can live your dream, But if you are repeating the excuses and patterns below, you won’t.., Not yet… not until you clean this up.

⭐️ I know this may trigger some of you reading this, and know this comes from love…

I intend to disrupt the programs keeping you in a loop.

❤️ Is this you?
You crave freedom.
The freedom to travel,
The freedom to create what you desire,
Whenever you want.

The freedom to create a legacy for your children and grandchildren,
The contentment of creating a life with your partner in sublime alignment

You dream of creating abundance simply sharing your gifts with the world…

You know you were destined for greatness…
🌏Yet you keep playing small. 💫

Because you stay stuck in a box of limitations.

Are one of these REASONS stopping you?

❤️ 1. You keep waiting for the right time.

You are the creator of your destiny.
The Universe is delivering you clues every day on how to birth your dream into the physical.

Yet you do not act on the clues.

You want to wait until it’s convenient.

You fear leaving your comfort zone.

So you sit and wonder why your life is not changing.
Why others are more lucky…

⭐️Here’s the truth:


Living an extraordinary life is NEVER convenient.

It flows to those who COMMAND it into reality.
Those who take massive leaps NOW to stay congruent with their dream.

❤️ 2. You SIT in your money blocks.

Most clients come to me to clear their money blocks.
You ask for the simple cure to open you up to limitless abundance.

Yes, I am an expert at clearing Affluence blocks.
I teach you how to harness your energy &
Work in sync with Universal Laws
To make your success inevitable.

❌ But unless you MOVE your ASS in alignment with the vibration and identity of someone who is abundant,
You stay in the loop of your current financial situation.

❤️ 3. You distract yourself by focusing on spouse or on the lack of a life partner.

If you are looking outside yourself for someone to change or to come into your life before you step fully into your brilliance, you have a MINDVIRUS.


Through your beliefs, you send out a vibration that calls in people showing up (or not), as aligned with your belief system.

—->If you want a different result, change the codes…

It’s simple…

❤️4. You sabotage your success.

If you keep getting in your own way, what are you going to do DIFFERENTLY to create different results?

It takes an equal amount of energy to shift your negative thoughts and patterns in the opposite direction.

This is why trying to do this on your own,
Reading self-help books,
Watching free trainings
Will help you shift your awareness,
But it doesn’t change your bank account balance.

Hey…, if it’s working,
Keep doing it.
But if you want an epic life,
You have got to take epic actions.
Invest in yourself…

You are your BEST ASSET.

If you make upleveling your mindset and subconscious programming,
Your #1 priority,
Your life (and your money) will change.
Because money is just the physical evidence
Of what you value the most…

❤️ 5. You are waiting for permission from your partner or your family or boss before follow your heart.

You are a SOVEREIGN Being.

When we wait for others, we hinge our dreams on someone else.
We give up our power.

What if your partner, your family, or the world was waiting for YOU.?

You are the ONE!

But it takes showing up
It takes a fierce commitment…
To become your highest version of yourself
No matter what…

It takes leap after leap,
Even in the uncertainty
Even after you fail.
Recommitting to your dream.

Are you willing to answer the call?

If so, I have a special invitation for you.

I’m calling 44 Light Leaders:
coaches, healers, & creatives
Who are here to assist in the awakening on this planet.
Who desire to accelerate the birthing of their vision
into physical reality.
Who want to HACK Manifesting &
Conscious Reality Creation,
So they can better serve the planet.

Who want to abolish the habit
Of getting in their own way.
Who are more committed to their purpose
And the inner work.
Than they are to the outside world.

For those world changers who want to dive deeper,
I have opened up spots in our year-long
Group coaching program:

⭐️Affluent Life Academy

If you join us, you will:

-Upgrade your operating system weekly
-Break free from Ancestral Patterns
-Create the new neural pathways of an Affluence Mindset
-Release limiting beliefs & emotional blocks
-Forge Deep Connections within a supportive community a high vibe gamechangers
-Connect deeply to your Divine Purpose
-Increase Clarity
-Learn how to tap into your intuition
-Discover how to work with Universal Laws to Manifest rapidly
​-Align with your Higher Self

⭐️It’s an Accelerated Track on the Path of Awakening
To step fully into your power as Creator-Gods & Goddesses,

If you are feeling called, hit reply and share with me why you want to accelerate your results this year.

This program is only for the truly committed.

I hope this serves!

                                                                                             Much love,

Tera Maxwell,PhD.
Chief Visionary @Teramaxwell.com
Founder of the Affluence Method


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