6 lessons on manifesting abundance that I learned from surfing

by | Aug 2, 2020 | Abundance and Affluence

Surfing teaches me so much about manifesting abundance:

1. Commit to your Vision
2. Look down the line where you are going (not at the board or you will fall).
3. Your frequency needs to match the frequency of the wave to catch it.
4. Stop thinking so much. Your head will take you out of the game. Feel the wave & go for it.
5. Focus on having fun & improving one thing at a time & don’t compare yourself to other surfers.
6. There are no bad days surfing. Even if you don’t catch a wave, there are infinite waves, and there is always next time. Invariably, if you keep showing up, you will catch your perfect wave.
When I rode this long wave the other day,
I felt on top of the world.
There is nothing better than that perfect wave all the way to shore.

Feeling the delicious unwinding of Pure flow.

The wave that keeps giving and giving.

And it’s the same with manifesting abundance.

Most people give up or lose focus. Or they allow their thoughts & frequency to be misaligned with what they want to manifest.

Or they don’t address the subconscious blockages that resist what they really desire.
Manifesting follows universal laws.

If you are not getting results, look at what is not in alignment & correct it.
It’s simple.

💫 Evolve & Be Free 💫

Much love,



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