7 Ways to Get on the Same Page With Your Partner and Create the Love Life You Deserve

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

Last year, I felt guided to teach about Conscious Coupling. And often, we teach what we most need to learn. The journey has been the refiner’s fire.

I have been shown where I still hide. Where I was afraid to speak my truth in relationship. Though I am known for my transparency, I saw surprisingly where I still shirked radical honesty to the man I choose to spend my life with.

I have been shown where I slip to defensiveness.

Where I lack patience. Where I still sabotage the joy in my life by drumming up discord.

I have been shown where I use the distraction of my partner’s progress to justify where I am still playing small.

I have been shown where I am quick to judge and slow to hear.

I faced these hard truths and we both healed and loved the parts of us that needed to be integrated. We practiced radical honesty. We released these old patterns that no longer served us. And we made it through!

Through 20 years of being together, we’ve challenged all the beliefs that society & religion imposes on marriage.

And we self-defined our vision in partnership. We distilled down to our core WHY we are doing this thing called life together.

We fell in love & rekindled our passion again.

So many couples settle for mediocre sex and surface intimacy. We become roommates and co-parents, rather than deeply connected lovers.

Yet we do not have to settle!

AJ and I met into the most unlikely of places to start our courtship. We met in a strip club. He was buying table dances. And he kept asking me to go snowboarding. Finally, after several weeks of visits, I gave in.

Yet when we married, I shut down the sexy, juicy parts of me to become the wife. What bitter irony for my guy.

A few years ago, it became glaringly clear that I needed to uplevel in my marriage. That in my partnership, I needed to face where I was hiding and heal.

As a result, my husband and I have radically re-invented and transformed our lives and our love.

Our spirits are connected fiercely & passionately to create an extraordinary life. One of constant growth, expansion, and adventure.

And yes, we have the best intimacy ever…

And the point is this: if we can re-invent our relationship, you can too.

Here’s why I am diving so deep with you…

I believe that we all deserve this kind of love and partnership. And I suspect that most of us settle in this arena.

I am committed to raising our collective vibration around love because it is an essential part of living an affluent life. What is having all this wealth, if we are impoverished around love?

If you are resonating with these words…

And if you are ready to uplevel your relationship to create the emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy you desire, join us for a candid conversation.

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