A Secret To Real Breakthroughs

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Quantum Creation and Manifesting

I’m learning to surf. And I’m crazy passionate about it! Last week, surfing taught me a secret to REAL breakthroughs.

Here at Playa Guiones, beginners practice in the white water, the second wave closest to the beach. I’ve spent the last several weeks in the white water zone. My goal was to surf a green wave. You paddle really fast. And when the board starts to tip down the slope of the wave, you “pop up” and ride the wave.

But every time, I chickened out. When the board drops down the front of the wave, it accelerates. I lost my balance. And the results weren’t fun. The wave slapped me hard. It took me awhile to come up for breath. The board jabbed me in the head. I was done for the day…

I thought it might take me a few months to finally get the skills to ride the green wave.

So I took a few shortcuts. I hired a surfing coach. He pinpointed the bad habits I learned from snowboarding. He taught me how to position my arms, do an upward facing dog, and crouch low on the board. I practiced both morning and sunset.

And following Jessie’s coaching, I rode my first green wave!

Here’s why I’m sharing this: success doesn’t have to be so hard.

There are secrets to success. If I had tried to figure this out on my own, I wouldn’t have the 6-figure business, the PhD, and I wouldn’t be riding green waves. Or I’d be spending more countless hours in the white water, still getting beat up by the waves.

When you learn the secrets, you are positioned to manifest what you really want in your life. You stop struggling. You effortlessly attract the clients, money flows and your love life rocks.

How would it feel to move from struggle and “almost there,” to pop up and gracefully ride the wave of your FLOW?

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