Affluence Is A Choice

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Abundance and Affluence

I know it’s not popular to share this message because you start judging yourself or others. Let’s break free from listening to the voice in your head for just a minute. And consider this:

Money follows the flow of energy.
If you believe in lack, so it is.

If you believe in affluence, so it is.

And any moment, you get to choose.

Can you choose to live in abundance, even when the numbers in your bank account speak otherwise? This is FAITH.

Can you commit to the reality of your choosing?

Regardless of the current reality? This is COMMITMENT.

Can you choose to follow your heart on the next inspired action?

Surrendering the mind to obey Divine guidance?

Even if it means to simply SIT and BE, Doing nothing? This is complete and utter TRUST.

Can you focus on the NOW moment? Since NOW is all there is?


Consciously creating our reality takes mastery.

It is simply an arrangement of the codes in your Universe.
As precise as a mathematical equation.

It is this simple. We make it hard…

But if you are not experiencing this level of affluence, CELEBRATE the gift.

You are smacking up against a reality of your own choosing.


So you can remember your magnificence as a Divine Being.

(I know… because I have been there…more times than I can count…)

Freeing ourselves from being controlled by the MIND, practicing surrender until resistance is simply an old story from the past. As we become masters, co-creating with the Divine, anchoring in Heaven on Earth.

I share this to remind you:

This is the game we are playing.

The new paradigm is this:

Affluence is Simple.

Not hard, not overachieving, not struggle, not excess, not filling our lives up with meaningless things.

Feeding our souls through our deep connection to the Divine, to the Earth, and to each other. And creating what we desire, when we want, from a place of love.

Affluence gets to be created through the FREQUENCY of BEING your Radiant Self.

Are you ready?

It’s not outside you. You are already here, if you go within.


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