Affluence is Your Divine Birthright

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Abundance and Affluence

It’s not just about money.
Though money flow can be the physical expression of soul alignment.

Society has corrupted the meaning of affluence
To mean excess wealth, greed, and overconsumption.

What if that is simply a distortion
That keeps the unscrupulous in power?
While heart-centered humans
Resist their natural state
And shut themselves off
From receiving abundance?

What if staying in the working hard & hustling to create “success”
Was simply a form of bondage?
And you can de-activate these Bondage Codes that has kept humanity enslaved??
This is my work with leaders.

It is time to reclaim this word AFFLUENCE.
You cannot have true Affluence without spirituality…
It requires shedding the layers of the ego.
On this journey of Remembering we are pure light and love.

Affluence is inner freedom.
It is the ability to create what you desire—
Aligned with your soul.

And you cannot lock in that frequency
Until you learn to trust in the Divine and surrender.
Aligning your will with Divine will.

I believe that becoming the frequency of affluence is our personal responsibility,
Especially for impact-driven leaders who are here to assist in the healing and awakening of this planet.

Because as more leaders
Who are living & creating a life of affluence,
We have the spiritual and intellectual means to heal the planet.

I’m sharing this because during my immersion in Peru,
I downloaded the Affluence Codes,
To support humanity
In coming online
As conscious creators of their reality
To assist in the awakening.

And I’m excited to activate these Affluence Codes with every human who desires to join me.

It’s 3 hour training & Activation,
What I would teach to my clients.
It’s my gift to you.
Simply click on the LEARN MORE button below, if you want to join us.

1. I’ve been guided to share this powerful activation
That I want to reach as many people as possible
To support a global healing & Activation around Affluence.

2. I know that some of you will want to go deeper in working with me to accelerate your expansion & growth.

Who is ready to take the journey of me?
Or what would you like to add to this conversation?

                                                                                            Much love,

P.S. That is a photo with my shaman Ronin from the Shipibo tribe.


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