Are You Doing Too Much?

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Success Strategies

You post your smiles.
Yet you hide behind a mask of success. 

Your desire to LOOK GOOD Runs you.
And it is exhausting. 
You cover up the incongruency in your life
Not because you are lying to others.
You are mostly lying to yourself. 
Ignoring the misalignment in your work
With the clients you are working with
With your home and family
And in your love life.

So here’s what is tripping you up.
And making life harder than it has to be…

You are not yet integrated.

The integrated human shows up in her authentic truth everywhere she goes.

And when you are not integrated, you are run by fear and worry–

You are afraid to look at your finances
You are afraid to be radically honest in your relationship. 
You have never shared your deepest fantasies with your
You sacrificed key parts of your self to be a good mom and a responsible adult.
You carry extra weight on your body because you fear deeper intimacy.
You work a lot of hours because you don’t believe you can increase your income with ease.

You keep running
Because you are still in bondage. 

As long as you holdback in speaking your truth.
As long as you avoid being radically honest with yourself & others.
As long as you try to stay in control
As long as you sacrifice an aspect of yourself to please another 
As long as you hold back because you still cannot trust yourself or trust others
As long as you drop out of your commitments
You are resisting your greatness

You are enslaved by worry.
You are enslaved by the system.
You are enslaved by your fears.

And yet, there is an answer to assuage the distrust and doubt.
It is a spiritual lubricant. 
Called Surrender. 
Turning over your will to Divine Will. 
That yields to more trust.
And yet more trust.
Until you know the inevitability of being supported by the Universe.

Yet before you leap… You want the fear to go away, 
And that is NOT how to play this game of manifesting affluence in ease and flow.

Your fear (mixed with excitement) is the lubricant that if you lean into it,
You will slip into more trust and freedom.

Until you wake up with such certainty.
That you wonder why you ever doubted.

No one can take the journey but you.
It takes a giant leap. 
Yet you are one big step away from freedom.

Here’s what I know:
You’ve got this. 
You have always known this.
Affluence is your Divine Blueprint 

Will you let go of the beliefs and emotional blocks that are not serving you?
Will you own that you are creating your own reality now? 
Are you committed to creating a life on purpose? A life of your dreams?

It’s not for everyone. It’s for successful game changers who are ready to create from ease and flow.
But if this is you, we await you.

If you are ready to create abundance from ease & flow click the link below to join the Freedom Collective.


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