Are You Like This Hummingbird?

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Freedom

You hold a strong vision. You know it’s possible… and then you press against an invisible limit on the verge of breaking through, and wonder why it’s not here YET.

A hummingbird flew into my house today. She flapped her wings in short bursts for hours, finally resting on a high window ledge on the bathroom catching her breath, attempting to flee again, slamming into the glass to escape.

I opened the sliding glass door to give her an easy exit gently guiding her with a broomstick to show her the quickest path outside. But every time I offered her the broom to rest her body, she flew away from me hitting her small frame again and again into the glass to escape.

The thing is: 

Freedom was only a few feet away, if she would trust.

I don’t blame the wee bird for not trusting a human.

That’s not the point.

The hummingbird was here to teach me a lesson.

It reminded me of human resistance.

How many times has the Universe offered you support,
But you refuse it?

If you are like the thousands of entrepreneurs I have worked with, you may not be open to receiving the abundance & miracles that are here for you.

Like the hummingbird, you react in fear.

And continue to slam against the window again and again, incredulous why it isn’t working out. There is a solution. In fact, there are endless possibilities.

For now. Breathe. 

Accept that there are infinite solutions.


Ask for Divine support.

Stay available to seeing the proverbial opening to your dream reality.

And remember, you only need to focus on the next inspired step.

I hope this serves..

                                                                        ❤️ Tera

P.S. Remember, you absolutely can live your dream now.


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