2014 has finally arrived.
essYou set your intention for 2014. You set a goal to create financial freedom
You may have set the goal to
fill your program.
Or hit your numbers in your business this year. 

But you may wonder if you have what it takes to convert your list. Or if you will be able to sell your program and enlist clients to sign up.
Or you are looking at your financial goals in your business, and wonder if you can really turn a profit this year?

So here’s the deal:
When I set a huge hairy goal, fear comes up. I wonder, Can I do this? Fear is completely normal. 
In fact, if you do not feel any fear, than I challenge you to set a bigger goal. You are not stretching yourself enough. 
So know that you are in the right place if you are feeling fear or resistance about that next big step you need to take. 
Today, I am sharing with you the 2 essential qualities to manifest abundance. If you adopt this trait and make it your own, you will tap into everything you could possibly want to create. 

2014 is going to be an amazing year for you.
But I am not just going to teach you this quality.
If you watch this video and listen to the end, I share an energy clearing technique to align you energetically with these qualities, so you have what it takes to be successful. You will absolutely feel a shift if you watch this video.
And if you ever go back to or fear again, you can watch this video to get back on track.

These are the 2 critical attributes that will get you more clients, close more sales, hit your financial goals, meet more influencers, and create the life you desire. 
Both mindset attributes are marked by your feelings. Whenever you are able to feel this vibration, you will excel.
The 2 essential attributes are confidence and certainty.
Let me explain: 
Confidence is actually a vibration. It is the reason people will buy from you, trust you, listen to you, and follow you. 
Think back when you have been successful. How did your confidence play into your success? 
I bet that if you reflect on your success, you will remember that confidence carried you into even more success. And this confidence is not about being full of ego, but the confidence that comes from using your gifts, fulfilling your purpose, and aligning with  Divine will. 
The irony is that you gain confidence from taking action, from facing your fear, and from overcoming your blocks. 
A few months ago, I shared about my experience rock climbing with my kids. I was petrified of rock-climbing. But as I scaled the surface, I gained the confidence from overcoming my fear. 
So if you feel fear or resistance, shift your mindset. Feel excited that you know you are exactly where you should be. Because when you face that fear, you gain confidence.
Last week, I wrote about the feeling of empowerment that you feel when you follow through on your commitments. We want some magic formula to success. Try keeping your word (to yourself included) and standing in integrity with your truth. 
But the other attribute is Certainty. And certainty is another word for faith.
When you are energetically aligned with certainty that you will hit your goals for the year, you access abundance.
Let me explain.
Some of you shared about how you feel financial struggle and fears about money. When you entertain fear, doubt, and worry, you are repelling abundance. You are resisting certainty. 
So let’s say your bank account is very low. Or you are wondering how you are going to pay all the bills this month. But you have a clear plan to create abundance this year. 
You have goals that you set for yourself and for your business
If you are able to stay in this place of certainty, and you follow up that certainty with action and persistence, it is inevitable that you will attain your goal.
On a scientific level, like attracts like. And if you maintain that vibration of certainty and faith (and your will is aligned with Divine will), you will get what you desire
When things are going good, it is easy to maintain faith and positivity. But when your faith is challenged, can you remain committed to your vision? Can you maintain the vibration of certainty?
I know that sometimes we feel anxiety, worry, or fear. So I wanted to share this energy clearing to get you back on track.

Here are the affirmations:
I am confident. I am brilliant. I am articulate. I believe in my abilities. I am confident in my ability to share my gifts with the world. 
It is easy to talk in front of people. I can do hard things. I am stretching myself. I am welcoming the opportunities to grow. 
I am confident I can hit my goals for this year. I trust myself. 
I love myself fully. My love for myself is reflected in how I serve others, how I love others, and in how I charge for my services.

I am worth it.